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Full Version: Water pump question
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So please someone clarify why newell would wire these water pumps like this..

1. main water pump- is a 12v pump. newell has wired this pump thru a 120v small relay switch that when plugged in or gen is running that pump works, and only works when plugged in or gen on.( when you turn on switch )
2. aux water pump- is a 12v pump that will run anytime you have 12v and pump is switched on

so why would they do this and not have both pumps aval. if 12 volt is aval ?  Am I missing something here ?  Maybe has something to do with aqua-hot ?
Save battery power while boondocking ?

No two are alike............
It was wired on a Monday morning after the tractor pulls weekend in Miami Smile We use to go in the 80s it was a BIG deal.

Let me get a picture in my head. You have two 12vdc water pumps and both connected to the same house battery but one of them is controlled by a 120ac relay? If this is the case I might think about putting in a 120vac pump or a 120vac to 12vdc converter to save the drain on the battery when your plugged into shore power.
Possibly it had a 120vac water pump when built and a previous owner changed it to a 12vdc and wanted to continue using the same switch?
My 1998 had a 120vac headhunter pump + a 12vdc pump as back up and for boon docking.
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