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Full Version: Video Switch
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Attached is the manual for video switch that is made by Silverleaf. It is a standalone module that does not require any other Silverleaf equipment. It has 4 video inputs and 4 video outputs and (count them) 12 triggers (six active high and six active low).

So what does this mean? With this gizmo you can run left, right, backup and potentially GPS into a single monitor and control the whole shebang automatically or with switches.

I have the device but am still thinking about what I want to do but in case anyone else is thinking the same thing....


ps. This is what Newell is using in new coaches, but this is far more powerful / flexible than what they are using it for.
This is pretty neat.

"(Optional) Signal Outputs - These connections allow the unit to trigger a relay or provide a signal to other devices in the vehicle"

makes it look like you could do some cool things. Like turn off/on certain lights when in reverse, in addition to swapping it to the rearcam. Or even turn off all the lights when the TV's are on for a home theater setup.

I imagine the blinkers would be used to swap to the side/lane changing cameras when you use them.