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Full Version: Qestion on TV mount in the bay area
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I have qestion regarding mount to hide and colapse 40" tv in one of the narrow bay!
I have good 24" of Bay width and plenty space lenght way.

But try to figure out what shape TV mount would be best to do the trick.

I would mount the bracket on one bay side wall the tv in colapse would just line up along the one wall. Than to use it you would pulled out of the bay ture it and would be position same spot as when the bay doors are closed.

I know of MonoPrice , they sell many good brackets, but before I buy I will ask anyone who has same set up in their coach.

Perhaps attach a TV wall mount that swivels to a blywood board attached to two heavy duty roller bearing drawer slides mounted on the side of the bay wall.
[attachment=1180][attachment=1179][attachment=1178][attachment=1177][attachment=1175][attachment=1175]]I am on the road in my 04 but maybe these pictures will help. This type bracket will let you store in a narrow bay.
i used a MOR RYDE RV bay mount but if i was doing it again i would do what Ron did. the one i used was like 250 bucks and you can do what ron did for probably 50-75. i bought a scissor mount from monoprice to extend a 61" tv out about 24" from the wall in my theatre room and it has not drooped at all in 2 years. i think it was 75 bucks or so.

when ordering mounts, you have to match the VESA pattern of the TV to that of the mount. the larger ones should be 400x400

Thanks guys
Love Chester's idea using two Heavy Duty rollers and attach the swivel TV mount to it, its slick looking and clean , I have seen one in Marathon and was very nice made!

Ron's mount is same as I ordered few days ago from monoprice they are very cheap now days 26$ to be exact and will fit VESA pattern I have on my 39" 200x200mm
They had some super heavy duty ones for up to 60" but I dont need extra weight, the TV I have is slick and super light. My problem was I did not want to get to log arms , so the tv is more stable with short arm and also when fully extended wont stick out way to far from the bay area, may places you stay can be very small room to seat around!
Like the idea of Ron's set up with larger block of wood supporting the mount's small wall plate more surface grip are and more solid.

My original idea was to use from Do it yourself on line using fancy made in Italy actuator- lifter ( piston style for about 100$ ) works with remote control and two gas shocks on the frame , very cool and practical & slick, it would be mounted right behind bay door and while door is up , tv would slide up, I saw in nice custom RV at MCC and it was super nice and totally out of the way. Same electric lift cost way over 800$
Perhaps I will install one in our bedroom in our next project, thinking taking the fold able table by the window and build nice tight box for slick HD tv when is up will cover portion of the bedroom window.