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Full Version: D2 Governor leaking
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I am starting to feel at a loss as to this problem. I replaced the air governor and once all the tanks were up and connected, I aired up the system using the 120v compressor. I heard air escaping the exhaust port of the governor. Ok I thought, maybe I got a bad one. I picked up another and put it in with the same thing. From there I put my old one back in and the same issue. When I first aired the system up I heard the air dryer (2 years old) pop off the purge. I replaced the purge valve with a cheapo amazon knockoff as a test bed. I still lose air from the governor exhaust port. Not sure what is going on here. Small air line (1/4" comes from supply tank pressurizes governor. 3/8" line from front compressor Tee's off into large air dryer line. What do I need to rule out? Could the whole air dryer have gone bad? It has been sitting with no air pressure for about a month.
As a quick diagnostic, disconnect the two air lines at the dryer and connect them together. I will require a bit of fitting manipulation, but it would tell you if the problem is the dryer.

They can get debris in them and stick open. If it is the dryer, then taking it to the bench, disassembling, and a good cleaning may be as good as replacing it.
I dread doing that since the lines are confogulated and hard to mess with but it must be done. I may just add a 2' loop to the existing to test due to tight space and short existing lines. I was reading online that the whole air dryer should be replaced every 12-24 months? Thought that was a little too soon. I hate it when I take on too much and thus puts doubts in my mind as to what "I" did to cause a failure. The front tank lines are where they should be yet even if they were not, the system should still build pressure as they are not vented to atmosphere.
Replacing the whole air dryer every 2 years seems absurd.  The one on mine I just replaced because rebuild kits needed were almost the price of a new/ old stock unit on ebay.  (not a knock off) Mine developed a leak on one circuit and the blow off valve intermittently stuck open.  It was the original unit from 1998.

Replacing the filter housing with desiccant every year or two sounds much more reasonable. With you living in AZ, I am thinking the longer range is most reasonable.

You did quite the paint job on that tank area.