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So... I droped the iPhone... it impacts the concrete.. shatters.. Ok
being me..I looked if there are any replacement parts and low and behold there out there!! ..Kits no less and how to video's So watch them many times order the kit.. and wala! about halfway thru I remember I'm old and shakey, have fat stubby fingers and can't see that good, and the 26 screws all smaller than a pinhead!. Those young'uns shure make it look EZ on Utube.. Oh well.. got a new phone... and a Winter Project.. But if you ever get the urge....
I've always said they use lil monkeys to make these things.
I shattered the screen on mine on Sunday. Took it to one of the repair places (a kiosk in one of the local malls), and $93 and about 20 minutes later- viola! A new screen. I got to watch, which was quite interesting. I would STRONGLY recommend having a magnetic phillips head screwdriver in the appropriate size to do this job. Also, since the screen was $60 and the labor was $30, I wouldn't put the effort into repairing it myself.
I have fixed a number of iPhones being the IT department at the hacienda. The magnification loupes that mount on a headband are a must.
I'm thinking a big one with the light built in.. on my List
best solution to fixing an iphone is to buy an android phone. my samsung galaxy 4 is amazing.