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Full Version: New Winegard Traveler system
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We finally got tired of hauling our home Directv slimline set up and getting level, cables etc.
Wife wanted new one touch switch on system.
So we ordered Winegard Trav'ler newer model with one only coaxial cable coming from satellite antenna model: SK- SWM3

At first I as thinking getting specialist do the asambly job!but after watching few videos it looked to simple to pile up $$$ to the other person,

So I pulled off our trusty but not HD dome in motion and plugged exiting mounting holes and carefully with plenty space to retract I mounted our new motorized unit, before and after I put some silicone under and above the frame for any leaks.

routed new cables ( power and coaxial ) in to exiting roof's hole and connected to the power box and Receiver and splitter.
I did installed nice 40" HD in one of the bay's with swing out arm, and only one think to do is to run the coaxial from splitter to the second non record-able receiver. I could do wireless remoter but don't feel like spend another $160 to do wireless.
Anyway, so far our Winngeard Trav'ler slimline works like champ, love how easy with one push of the switch will adjust all 3 satellites 98,101 &HD 103 and its ready to watch! at 1600$ it was worth of investment.
way to go les. i did my own rf mogul one as well. really not very hard.

I remember when I thought SD was good enough. Hooked on HD now!
I have replace all 3 tv's in my 04 which had Plasma monitors which had no HDMI cables run because everything went through the AV. I using HD TV's (2) 42" LR & BR and (1) 32" in basement and waiting on the direct tv to get the Genie and the wireless mini genie (clients C 41W) to keep from running HDMI from under bed to the wall. I had them here to do this but they showed up with the wired Mini instead of wireless so I cancelled. Tech told me they would not be getting wireless until the first of Nov. This may be the answer for the HD in older coaches. The SWIM Traveler dish connection works great with the HR20 series receivers.
If Ron or anyone else can get the Genie from Directv, please let us know how they did it. I tried but was not successful.
You are correct about what Directv said, you have to word your request in the right way. DON'T TALK ABOUT A MC/RV or they refer you to wineguard who dose not wire motorhomes. I use my home account and call my other (MC) a detach barn house or garage house. I have now 4 hd dvr's and 1 hd receiver. I have been with direct since 2005 and now am upgrading to 1 genie, 2 mine genie, 4 hd dvr's which will make a total of 7 tv connections. This will all be done at my home location here in TN. I also have the east and west coast feed for the major networks so I never move my local service. Service stay on all 7 unit all the time. My bill runs about 150 now and will go up to about 170 when I add the other two units. If they don't do this then I will call Matt Russo and have him fix me up with DISH. Hope this help
To clear up some items. My original directv service starter in Colorado and was installed in my 89 Newell. My original service was purchase at a directv store and I installed everything myself. Over the years I added my home units and move my local service to TN in the same year. They (directv) have always told me just don't talk about bringing Mobil. I have a protection plan and if something go bad I just bring the bad part in the house to trouble shoot. I feel that what I'm doing is not wrong and it work for me. Directv has a hard time understanding being Mobil although to get a east &west coast feed you must get a waiver. To do this you have to show a title to a M/C or R/V for the feeds. This really doesn't make a lot of sense but neither doses politics. If anyone has a better way let us know.
Ron, OK I get it. You need a home base in the states to get the Genie. I have HD-DVR receiver in my coach with east and west coasts, but my home is in Mexico which does not qualify. For now it looks like I am out of luck for a Genie.
ron, to get the mobile waiver you HAVE to set up an entirely new account and pay separately from the home service. i tried and they would only do it that way. they didnt have any issue me taking the units from the house and put them in the newell, but i couldnt get local network stations. kinda goofy, but we lived with it. if we lived full time, i would just covert my coverage to the newell.

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