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RE: I can now drive our rig! - folivier - 06-21-2014

Cindy had her lesson yesterday with Glenn. I watched my coach leave out at 10am and Cindy drove into the factory and backed into her spot at 5:30pm!
She spent a few hours just idling around a big parking lot before she drove. Then spent time on the interstate, and drove through a tollgate, construction zone, and even maneuvered through a truck stop. She was very pleased with her lesson.

RE: I can now drive our rig! - encantotom - 06-21-2014

very very cool. i hope you tok a picture of dainty cindy behind the wheel.

tell her congrats.

darlene got the tough version of driving lessons....i gave her the keys. and i was in the coach with her. doesnt get any tougher than that. i am sure she would have liked the version cindy went through better

happy saturday


RE: I can now drive our rig! - Trainer - 06-21-2014

Congrats Cindy. You are a better Newell driver than I.

RE: I can now drive our rig! - rheavn - 06-21-2014

That's great Cindy! You've put the challenge to Suzy.

RE: I can now drive our rig! - 1565luxride - 08-04-2016

Congrats on both accounts....proud of all the copilot drivers!!