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Generator Mufflers/silencers - encantotom - 08-29-2012


i am trying to decide what muffler to put on the generator. i have one that has a rattle. i spent some time looking to do the same thing on my 90 and never reached a conclusion. the 90 has one uffler and it exits in front of the drivers side rear wheel.
my 02 has two mufflers and the exhaust exits through the roof after being combined with the exhaust for the aquahot.

i called newell and they were not sure what exhaust they used. but they were 51 bucks.

they gave me a part number that they thought was napa, but it wasnt. an A-3012, which if you do a google search does show under a round glasspack muffler. but my coach has a rectangular muffler (2).

i would love to quiet it down more.

i have tried to research differences between mufflers on gas and diesel engines. but not lots of info. other than a lot of people do straight through exhaust or glasspacks for diesel.

so....any of you have any wisdom to share on the genny mufflers?

there are cool silencers for diesels, but they are expensive and take up more room than i think i have to use.




RE: Generator Mufflers/silencers - HoosierDaddy - 09-04-2012

Generally a muffler that changes the direction of the exhaust will be quieter. That rules out most bullet shaped glass-pack mufflers.

Both of these companys make quality products.

A turbo-charger is effective as a muffler thus many turbo-diesels will run an after-market straight-thru design to minimize back pressure in the interest of power/economy.

RE: Generator Mufflers/silencers - encantotom - 09-04-2012

my genny has a turbocharger. so you think i should stay with a straight through? the ones on there now are rectangular..


RE: Generator Mufflers/silencers - HoosierDaddy - 09-05-2012

Some rectangular are straight through as well. If it is quiet enough except for the rattle which I'm assuming is the inside of the muffler rusting and coming loose I would replace with a similar design. Try using your temperature scanner to record exhaust manifold and muffler temps before and after the muffler change. I dont think egt's will be an issue but generally quieter = more back pressure= higher egt's.

RE: Generator Mufflers/silencers - 360 - 10-25-2023

Have had a little exhaust smell from generator inside of coach when parked since shortly after I purchased. I was under the coach the other day to inspect and look for leaks and for sure found one exhaust joint that was partially crushed and we letting enough exhaust out that you could hear it in addition to quite a bit of soot. Also scraped up and partially dented the second muffler. That said I figured I'd just replace from that second muffler back, but would like to show up at the muffler shop with my replacement in hand vs. having them source it.

Wondering if anyone found a source for what Tom describes as mine sounds like what he has/had? Or maybe I'm the only fool who high centered just enough to dent her up a bit?