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Worse night ever in your coach? - folivier - 03-17-2016

How about a little fun?
What was the worse night you ever had while you were in your coach?
A couple come to mind but the absolute worse was when a campground had cut the grass and put down ant poison right after.  When I pulled the sheets back the bed was literally covered with red ants!  The poison had driven them up into the coach after the mower destroyed the ant hills.  Had to make a midnight run to WallyWorld to find bug spray and spray the whole coach.  Then sweep up the ants.  
Got NO sleep that night!  I felt like ants were crawling on me all night.  And for the next few nights too.

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - Junior Guru - 03-17-2016

Forest that ones going to be hard to beat!

My worst moment was not a night because we weren't able to. Went to pick up my coach from a shady diesel shop and walked into the most rotten smell I've ever experienced. My fridge and freezer was full of rotten chicken, beef, milk etc. Obviously the coach had been with no power and was left sweltering in the sun for several days. I immediately went in to raise heck with some of the biggest buffoons on the planet. I was wasting my time so I left. When I got to The bedroom I noticed a soaking wet bed and floor. The slide seals had deflated right before a giant rainstorm.

I learned the hard way to never take a Newell to mechanics who nothing about Newells.

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - PlazaGuy - 03-18-2016

I know exactly who you're talking about.  That happened to us at that repair facility, too. Ruined everything in the freezer. I met you for the first time at that place.


Worst night ever thanks to L.K. Newell - bikestuff - 03-18-2016

Here is mine...

I was at the Newell factory.  This particular night, I was parked inside of the maintenance building.  For anyone who hasn't stayed inside the building, I can tell you it is haunted.  They say that the ghost of L.K. Newell wanders around at night slamming doors and generally making a racket.  I was not looking forward to a long night of keeping one eye open.

The prospect of the long night in the building improved when Gordon @bestgenman invited me over for an adult beverage.  I thought to myself, the dogs have been doing well...might as well leave them out in the coach instead of their dog kennels.  

Sidebar:  Even though the Newell facility is cleaned daily there are sometimes when little fury friends (mice) find their way into the building.  Of course, they head straight to my coach.  The night before, I was watching television and saw a furry nose and two little black eyes staring at me from under the drivers chair.  I put out some of those sticky glue traps -- The ones that you peel back the paper and it uncovers the stickiest substance known to man.  Once a mouse steps on that they are forever stuck to the trap.

So....I go over to Gordon's coach.  We have a couple of drinks and tell a couple of lies and I head back to the coach.  I open the door and am met by Roro (my female boxer puppy), with a glue trap stuck to each of her front paws.  There is glue everywhere!  On Baxter (other dog), on the leather seats. On the windows....Everywhere!  I know that I can use some mineral spirits to remove the glue from the furniture, but what about the dog?

A friend tells me that baby oil will loosen the glue and not hurt the doggies.  So off to Walmart I go.  (I use a motorcycle as a TOAD and always wear a bright hi-vis jacket with armor in the shoulders).  So instead of taking the jacket off, I wear it into the Walmart.  As long as I am there I picked up some Vaseline to use on the sticky diesel fuel cap.  I take the baby oil and vaseline to the only open checkout stand....and a young gal is ringing up customers.  When she gets to me...she sees the baby oil and the vaseline and slowly raises her head to see me standing there in a bright green motorcycle jacket. She turned bright red.  I am not sure what she thought, but it was not good.  I pay for and collect my stuff and head back to the coach and could feel a stare on my back as she watched me walk out the door.

Anyway, I get back to the coach and spent the next four hours cleaning the glue off of everything in the coach. The dogs, the furniture, the windows, the walls, ...! To this day, once in a while,  I find a spot of that glue stuck to something and chuckle to myself.

L.K. Newell had a good laugh at my expense that night.  


RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - Junior Guru - 03-18-2016

That should be posted under the "just for laughs" section! Hilarious story! Although I'm sure it wasn't very funny at the time.

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - Chester Stone - 03-18-2016

Can you top this? While parked at Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, CO., I proceeded to dump my full sewer tank. The air valve was stuck closed and in the process of trying to figure out what to do, I mistakenly removed the sewer hose. You guessed it, the valve came unstuck on its own. Ever see the movie RV?
The park staff moved several nearby coaches and proceeded to clean up the mess. I now have a sign to remind me to hook up the hose and verify that the valve is closed.

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - larryweikartsr - 03-18-2016

Chester reminded me of pulling into the Mid-Ohio race track early one morning and drove around the paddock looking for my assigned area to park and set up. (if you know this track, the paddock is hilly) While turning around in the Indy Car area the masserator pump shorted out and I proceeded to spray the area while I drove around until an official yelled some verbal profanity in my direction. It took a few hours and all my on board water to clean the mess. Needless to say I was the talk of the town that race!

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - ccjohnson - 03-18-2016

We were doing a "forced march" from Washington DC back to Deming. Fran's sister in law was scheduled for a surgery & we had 3 days to get home, +/- 700 miles per day. On the 1st nite somewhere in the Appalachians, around 10 pm when a truck passed us I reached down to flash the headlights. The toggle felt a bit "spongy" . The lights went out but did not come back on! Using the park lights and moon I was able to get off the interstate at next exit. Thinking worst case I could wire direct by-passing the switch. I fiddled with the switch & the lights came back on. I did not touch the switch for the next days until we made it home. All in all, we think even most "bad" nights in the coach are better than "good" nights in a motel.

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - Yachts - 03-18-2016

Oh where should I begin. Sleeping on the floor when slides had "failed".. Or becoming entertainment for Berryville Arkansas one Friday night when I met Barney fife. .......Possibly Stuck at Texas motorspeedway, ........dropped driveshaft and a 6 hour tow to Newell. .......My wife and friend being the hottest squaws on an Indian reservation. .........Being stuck in a parking lot and was told I better leave quickly cuz this was "Cheetahs" parking lot and the girls were gonna show up soon...... Being kicked out of a casino parking lot. ....... every bob dick and Harry decided to tell me how to back my trailer up.. Some of them were quite experienced with a pop up camper. .......When a female was sure we were a rock and and was "very" interested in showing her appreciation..... Or a cop wouldn't write me a ticket for 80 in a 55 cuz no one would believe an Rv could pull a trailer at 80mph...

Every memory is a smile. Even if at the time it was a curse.

RE: Worse night ever in your coach? - pairodice - 03-29-2016

These are funny!!! We have had plenty of lol moments and many restless nights in truck stops (we have both worn ear plugs for years from staying at truck stops). Flooded an RV park with sewage when the valve stuck open and I knew it was closed... My favorite good memory was driving through the middle of Idaho Springs with our coach, motorcycle and Jeep in tow and stopping to tell a UPS driver what a great job he did parallel parking a full-size delivery van on the narrow street between two cars (he really impressed me!), he looked at me and said 'are you that Jesse James fellow from TV?'... I had to admit later that with my 3 day beard and toboggan hat that I did kinda look like him (we had been snow skiing)... The great memories far exceed the bad memories so I choose to dwell on the good ones and just learn from the bad ones...