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Thanks Richard - Guy - 12-03-2018

We left our coach in Denver last month and flew to Los Angeles for a little Grand daughter time. Freezing was not going to be an issue as we  (I) had checked the weather predictions. You know where this post is going. Day three of our vacation away from full time rv life, I saw that it had been getting in the teens at night in Denver. Whatever damage was done was already done. 

 When we returned to Denver, with a little block heater time, the 8V92 came quickly to life along with the engine compressor. Sure enough we had multiple plumbing leaks. The coach is a combo of PEX and copper. Zero PEX damage, but multiple copper splits, and copper compression fittings pushed off the ends of the copper runs. 1 toilet inlet valve was split along with a shower head. The Everpure Water filter system was split in many areas of plastic and aluminum fittings and  for the time being my solution is to leave the ball valve off to the Everpure .Time for a new system there. After 2 weeks of  Amazon orders ,replacing parts and re testing  the system, we are leak free. The remaining problem I was having was when I turned off the ball valve to the Everpure system which feeds the drinking water tap in the kitchen and the ice maker, I had no kitchen sink water.   2 weeks of no kitchen water, and too d**n cold to trouble shoot any further.

 For some reason, today Richards past advice about starting with the simple was in my head. After cleaning  out the "very hidden"  strainer inside the kitchen faucet handle, we now have water, Duh...

Well, we discovered lots of nice places to eat in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi ............

RE: Thanks Richard - Richard - 12-04-2018

Wow, tough way to learn exactly how your water system is plumbed.

And glad you were able to repair it all.

RE: Thanks Richard - Guy - 12-04-2018

(12-04-2018, 05:27 AM)Richard Wrote: Wow, tough way to learn exactly how your water system is plumbed.

And glad you were able to repair it all.

Forgot that I also managed to burn out the heating electrode in the water heater. I had done a poor job of refilling the water heater with all  the leaks before putting the 1250 watts to it..

Thanks again for all the info you post on this forum.Smile

RE: Thanks Richard - whatsnewell - 12-05-2018

Guy, did you leave the coach in a place where it was plugged in?

RE: Thanks Richard - Guy - 12-05-2018

No Clarke..

I "saved" a few bucks by putting it in storage for the time we were gone. The locals told me it would not be getting cold. I knew better, but did it anyway. My heart sank on day two when I saw what the weather was. I had drained out the water heater and lines, but did not take time to use the compressor to blow out the water. Could have been worse. If it had been a hard freeze the p traps would have cracked. As the saying goes, "I really messed up, but I am smarter now".