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Galley workability - Lubehead - 09-16-2019

Ladies, (I'm not one), and gents as well; can you share your take on the workability of the kitchen galley in mid entry coaches,vintage 2002-2004. It appears that the counter space is lacking and the space between it and the refrigerator appears to be too tight.Can anyone provide dimensions and experiences. This is a concern of my DW.

RE: Galley workability - bikestuff - 09-17-2019

I have a 2003 mid entry. On my coach there is a really long counter on the passenger side, a full sized fridge across from sink and a electric cooktop next to stove. (I don’t have washer/dryer or second bath)

It is totally enough room. But here the thing....

All these coaches are different. Look at another coach and you will see what I mean. The configuration of the galley is dependent on the number of baths, location of washer/dryer/closets, and other whims of the original owners. Find one that says “Ah....this is what I am talking about”.

For what it’s worth.


RE: Galley workability - Richard - 09-17-2019

Refrigerator handle to edge of cabinet 34.5 inches.
Open refrigerator door to edge of cabinet 17 inches. 

Counter space will vary as Bill says. 

I cook routinely in the coach, and the galley is very workable. Yes counter space is at a premium, so the only appliance that lives on the counter is the coffer maker. We use the convection oven as the toaster.

Rhonda and I team prep meals. The only hard and fast rule is that she can’t go into fridge while I am chopping or slicing. 

It’s not the kitchen you would find in a house, but it is extremely versatile. I have prepped entire T’day dinners including a turkey in the galley. 

The convection oven is an extremely versatile tool. 

There is a cover for the sink if you need the space for serving. 

We supplement the kitchen with a portable grill and portable propane two burner. That way I cook anything like bacon or burgers outside to avoid grease in the galley. The bride always appreciates that!

RE: Galley workability - BobALou - 09-18-2019

And cook well, you do, Richard! Smile