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Newell Introduces SmartDrive System - Fulltiming - 08-20-2021

Coach 1732, built as a Show Coach, was used to showcase the new SmartRide system. This system gives the driver the ability to raise or lower the suspension easily, to select either Comfort or Sport settings, and to automatically lower the coach as the speed reaches 55 mph.

Once again, Andrew Steele gets to showcase the new system in his video:

[Image: normal_1732_SmartDrive_and_Comfort_Mode.jpg]

Height and SmartDrive status upper right in green. Mode (Comfort or Sport) bottom just left of center.

RE: Newell Introduces SmartDrive System - pairodice - 08-21-2021

My 2006 Lexus LX470 (basically a Land Cruiser) has automatic ride control and I love it! Can do the same things - raise/lower the vehicle and adjust the suspension from sport to comfort… my wife changed it to sport mode a few days ago without my knowledge - I was driving thinking ‘there must be something wrong with my suspension - this thing is riding like a truck!’. I finally looked down and sure enough, the switch had been changed… sneaky wifey…