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Insurance Estimates - GEmry - 05-20-2022

We are finally within a year of retirement and getting more serious on gathering expenses related to ownership. we will be in the $300,000 range for a prospective coach and have been looking around at potential insurance coverage. I am getting online quotes that range between $6800 to $7900 annual. One was a Progressive quote, the other through National. i know there has to be more reasonable coverage out there...please advise! 

Thank you, 


RE: Insurance Estimates - hbens - 05-21-2022 


Here is a thread on insurance for a new Newell. In the replies you will find some information to help you.

RE: Insurance Estimates - Monie - 05-01-2023

I'm insured with State Farm and found their quote reasonable. I will suggest contacting them and getting the quote.

RE: Insurance Estimates - Sea Note - 05-01-2023

I just went through this and received four significantly different quotes, all with progressive as the underwriter. One was from USAA (highest), one from progressive directly (second highest), one from Good Sam (attractive, but verbal and they never would give me a written quote), and finally from an internet-only broker, Roamly. Roamly underwrites its own insurance up to $200,000 and then writes on Progressive paper above that - all quotes were apples to apples and Roamly was significantly lower. Paid for the year in full and received progressive policy as quoted. I'm not an insurance insider so I can't tell you why the quotes varried so much, my guess is that the brokerage fee taken by each had something to do with it.

Good luck!