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November 2023 Outages - Scott - 11-05-2023

Sorry all,

Oracle (our server provider) did some updates that inadvertently maxed out our CPU and RAM causing a sporadic outage over the last day or two.  

Then... I attempted to update our country blocks and made it block everyone.  Everything should be fixed now.  We currently allow connections from North America, Portugal, and France.  Countries are being added as requested, but everything else is blocked to fight fake accounts.

RE: November 2023 Outages - bikestuff - 11-05-2023

Good Job Scott. Thanks for working so hard for this group!

I think there is at least one Newell in the UK?

RE: November 2023 Outages - Scott - 11-05-2023

(11-05-2023, 01:46 PM)bikestuff Wrote:  Good Job Scott.  Thanks for working so hard for this group!

I think there is at least one Newell in the UK?

Thanks! Added the UK just in case.

RE: November 2023 Outages - Latitude 28 - 11-05-2023

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the work that goes into running this forum. As a Newell owner, the information and real world experience from other Newell owners that make up the Newell Giurus is the best! Thank You!

RE: November 2023 Outages - CaptainGizmo - 11-05-2023

Yes, THANK YOU very much!!

RE: November 2023 Outages - Tf175 - 11-05-2023

Your work is much appreciated! As are the members of this forum .

RE: November 2023 Outages - Richard - 11-05-2023

Thank you Scott. I hope it didn’t take too much time away from your family.

RE: November 2023 Outages - whatsnewell - 11-05-2023

Thank you Scott!!

RE: November 2023 Outages - Jndroark - 11-06-2023

Thank You Scott, for all the effort that it must take to keep the forum running so smoothly.

RE: November 2023 Outages - Jack Houpe - 11-06-2023

Your good people, you do a lot to keep us all entertained and informed. THANK YOU