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Bode Entry Door Bug Invasion - hypoxia - 11-16-2023

The Bode door has Strip Brush covering the openings which the door arms pass through to keep bugs out.  Mine was worn out so Newell gave me some to replace it.  Six months later and the new strip brush filament is also bent over leaving a gap a humming bird could pass through.  Has anyone come up with a solution other than keeping the door closed?  We have a screen door but it just funnels the bugs to the gap in the strip brush.    

RE: Bode Entry Door Bug Invasion - hbens - 11-17-2023

My wife is wanting a solution to this as well. Our strip brush is non existent.
I recently found out how to remove the door cover and lubed the mechanisms.
I will keep my mind open to finding a solution to this.

RE: Bode Entry Door Bug Invasion - hypoxia - 11-18-2023

Perhaps something like this chain link fly screen.  Chain Link Fly Screen  Make it several inches long?