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Rzr riding - folivier - 08-08-2013

We've been doing a bit of riding here in North Fork, Idaho. Idaho is pretty lenient, no permits required, no problem riding on the highway. Some of the rides were from the campground, others we hauled 20 or 30 miles.
Here are a few pictures of the area:

RE: Rzr riding - lbrachfe - 08-08-2013

Matt, Ron and I are RZRing with the ladies Sunday from Ouray to Silverton, Colo.... Will post pics

RE: Rzr riding - folivier - 08-09-2013

some more pictures

RE: Rzr riding - RegaNewell - 08-09-2013

Forrest, While you and Cindy are in Idaho you should check out mcKay. Its great riding and gold mines to ride around and look at also. But no parks in McKay that our Newells fit in! There is a really nice park that is in Arco, Id which is about 30 miles from McKay that you can stay in that has nice large sites. And they serve free eggs and pancakes every morning! We have been there twice, and you can ride out of park also!


RE: Rzr riding - ashley - 08-10-2013

Great pics forrest

RE: Rzr riding - les korcala - 08-13-2013

Great photos , looks like you guys having blast in ID
We did stay month on Henrys Fork of Snake river in Island Park , ID
and noticed Mecca for riding ATV and RZR ( not sure the difference from one to another ) but anyway, they are maze of trails everywhere , up the mountains and near the rivers.

We stayed at Buffalo Run RV & Resort with our Newell ( plenty room ) and owners cook pizza and great coffee every day!

Also, Henrys Fork is one of the most famous fly fishing rivers in the world, some 30 miles to Yellowstone.

We are in Dubois, WY for 3 weeks now and heading next to Creede, CO for another month.


RE: Rzr riding - folivier - 08-16-2013

We drove down the Salmon River from North Fork to Arco. What a nice drive along the river. But very curvy with some curves down to 25mph! Very little traffic.
We're staying at the MountainView Rv park (thanks Jeff & Pam for the suggestion) with a nice shade tree so no afternoon sun heating up the front windows. Very large grassy sites. No drunk birds either.
Today we drove around in the truck looking for a couple trailheads to ride tomorrow. Arco is very atv friendly and half of the streets in town are atv designated routes to the trailheads.

RE: Rzr riding - Express1 - 08-16-2013

    we doing a little here also in Ouray area

RE: Rzr riding - encantotom - 08-16-2013

my brotherinlaw and i made a quick trip to sweetgrass montana this afternoon to pick up some things. on the way back at the border was a 550 razor that was TOTALLY destroyed on a trailer. roll bars bent, all plastic torn up frame bent, axles bent, tires popped off the wheels and the seat was broken out.

it made me think of you guys. it was not a pretty site.

be careful.

RE: Rzr riding - ccjohnson - 08-17-2013

Nothing like the San Juans for snow in the summer! I have done a lot of work in the area. You guys are for sure in some beautiful country.