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My first side of the road breakdown

Another HCV concern is raising the coach extremely high. I have experienced the arm flipping over and then up is down and down is up what a nightmare to figure out when everything looks normal but its not.

Stop blocks have been installed before but, would always hit the frame when in travel. The suspensions travel would allow the stop block to contact frame going down the road. If you get the stop high enough to keep it off the tire it will also lessen your ability to level the coach in some cases.

Thanks for the input Jim! Always good to have the “Source” weigh in!

Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama

I know it's an old thread, but maybe my naïve experience could help someone:

I had the big smoky tire rub once. I had raised the tag thinking it would help me maneuver in a parking lot (I'm new and had read that somewhere). I now know I have a leak in the right rear, but didn't at the time. I made my conference call and got going again and quickly the the BIG smoke out the back. In that same panic previously described - I ran back and the coach was sitting on the tires...I didn't realize I still had the tag up. I reset the tag to normal, gave it a few minutes and was OK to drive again. It probably shouldn't work this was, but I was just glad it wasn't something really bad.

Coach is currently in storage, and #1 on the fix-list when I get it out is to fix that big leak.

2004 Newell #695
Series 60
Quad slide front entry

Unlike Prevost, Newell does not lift the tag axle off the ground. The pressure on the tag axle can be decreased or increased (after about 1993) by a toggle switch on the dash. The increase in pressure transfers more weight to the tag and front axles to reduce the load on the drive axle to assist on getting through weigh-in-motion toll road scales. The decrease in pressure transfers more weight to the drive axle to help in situations where the drive tires are spinning, like wet grass. This switch should not be used for maneuvering.

Newells with the ZF suspension, have active steerable tag axles (#671, 681, 685, and all after 696).

An air leak in the rear can result in the outside drive tires rubbing on the fender. Bad for the tire. Potential locations for an air leak are the rear ride height valves, a leaking air bag, or a leak at the 6 pack for the rear suspension. Check all fitting for leaks. Newell uses push on fittings that are prone to leaks after a while.

Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

David, since you had the “incident”. Look carefully in the ceiling of the wheel well. Newell ran the air line for the slide bladder in that location, and sitting on the tires can rub a hole in that airline.

Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Maverick Hybrid Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

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