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school conversion bus

School Bus Conversions
In the holiday channel surfing, I stumbled on a TV program on Direct called Bus Life Forever. The show is about a guy who specializes in school bus conversions. I thought it might be interesting. 

I watched and did a big "What!!!!!!!!" when the budgets for three conversions on this episode ranged from 30 to 100K. 

Man, that is some wicked kool aid, or some terribly uninformed people. 

I am guessing this is a spillover from the Tiny House folks who are paying nutty prices for tricked out storage sheds.
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I've tried watching those tiny house shows. Have they not ever been to a boat & RV show? Have they ever camped in that size RV? They give the impression that they are the only ones who have ever thought of small space living.

It all looks cute on the walk thru with all the convertible spaces, but, with almost no storage. I can see it being very uncomfortable after just an hour or two. I can't see living in it long term. . . . .

The lack of any commonsense engineering or system design is concerning too - With no mention of weight or it's distribution, they must be a nightmare to move.

Good luck to 'em --- AND us if some of those units ever get on the road!!!
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Yes I have seen them as well. And watched a few you tube videos on them. It seems that most are young and start out in love with the idea that rehabbing an old bus is akin to recycling. They equate minimalist living as a rebellion against materialism etc. As in most ventures some come along and spend way more money than is prudent without doing their due diligence. I briefly considered converting a school bus my self 20 years ago. I decided that I would be better off spending a bit more initially and was shopping for a Prevost or Eagle bus when I found my first Newell. The Newell penciled out much better!!!
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(12-31-2017, 01:34 PM)HoosierDaddy Wrote: . . . . . when I found my first Newell. The Newell penciled out much better!!!

DITTO !!!!
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