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Hose adaptor
Have had my black tank pumped out more than a dozen times over the last 10 years, the most recent time being just a few weeks ago. No special equipment was used by the 'honey wagon' operators at any time. I provided the connection for his hose and he turned on the pumper an sucked out the effluent. All waste tanks are pretty adequately vented so I would think a collapse of any waste tank resulting from too much suction would be extremely rare.....I've never heard of this happening, although it is always a concern of mine. Does anyone know through first hand knowledge of this happening? Obviously, anything is it probable.....I don't think so.

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Gordon, thank you for the information. I ordered the cheapest hose I could find and I'll connect it to my sewer line with hose clips. I'm going to forgo the 5-gallon container and make sure the honeypot guy has plenty of hose pulled out so that he can monitor the vacuum by watching the hose. I'm boondocking at the Alberqueque Ballon Festival next week so it will get tested. I suspect I'll only need to do this 3-4 times a year, so the short hose is a good compact solution.

Another thing I looked at was converting to the newer Waste Master hose connection system. They have compression joints and an adapter to the bayonet connector. It's a lot of money just to connect to a honeypot so I'll wait until my existing older Waste Master hose starts leaking before changing over. It would require these parts:
28' hose and adapter to fit the outlet pipe
The adaptor to a bayonet fitting
And maybe an extension so that the honeypot doesn't connect straight onto the adapter. The problem this all ads up to $200-350 depending upon the configuration.
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Reporting back on the honey pot. The cheap bayonet hose cut off to about 3ft and hose clamps worked well. The honey pot wagon had an inverted ’T’ piece of metal pipe, the top of the T went in the honey pot’s hose and the tall piece pointers up and was about 3-4ft tall. It had a 1 way valve to left air in. So when he pumped it could suck air if there was not enough liquid being delivered from the black tank. So it worked like the bucket, with a one way valve to prevent spillage.
Mick & Renee
2009 Newell 45’ 8” #1277, C15 625HP 12-speed ZF
Full time working and traveling. 

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