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Yanmar 20 KW Generator Water Pump
Hi Guys,

Say does anyone out there know which number water pump might be on the Yanmars 20 KW Gen. that were produced back around 1999. I call two different Yanmar distributors in different parts of the country and they both said they thought it was the same number. So I went on eBay and bought it but after receiving it I noted that it wasn't even close. From what I understand is for that particular diesel motor they made like six different water pumps for it depending on what it was being put into (ie; boat, gen., bulldoser, bobcat, etc.).
I checked with my local RV mechanic and he can't find it through his sources, I've even put in 2 calls to Newell parts but they haven't gotten back to me for quit a while as of yet and they may not know for sure either.
If anyone out there thinks they know please get in touch, thanks!

Chris Mann
Chris and Randee
#521 45'8"
1999 2 slide

Your engine has a model number such as 4TNE84T-RKRV.  You’ll need this since as you have found out, there are a number of different configurations.  With your M/N in hand , call Martin Diesel in Defiance Ohio 419-782-1198 and navigate to the parts department.  They will help you.
Gordon Jones

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