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folivier richard guy

Mini split in classic
Update on our mini split install. Some pictures of the process. I will say the AC is ice cold and cools 95 outside to 60 inside without problem.  And it is so quiet you can not here it. One of my mistakes was the unit I bought it a duel unit so it cools and heats but I did not look carefully at the heating range, which on the unit is down to 35 outside.  Problem for me is I am in cooler temperatures so I often see temps in the teens.  So if I had to do again I would get one with a lower heating range.

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Mark and Melanie
1985 Newell 40’
#75 ? (still not confirmed)
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Thanks for posting. I think I would like to do this in the future. What size is the unit and/or part number? Are you just using one or would a person need two, front and back. I have seen many other coach owners add these also. Really looking to see if they really are the way to go. Wonder how big one needs to go to cool down enough, driving down the highway on a summer day. That seems the most extreme situation.
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Nice job, what size of unit did you go with?
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We only put one unit in the front and plan to run it like that until we see how well it keeps up this next summer.  That said we anticipate adding a second even if not needed in the rear just to have the backup for when we are baking on the road or the temp gets higher than one can handle (not sure what temp that is).  Still something we are learning for ourselves at this point. 

We were limited by the 115volts available to power the unit so that narrows down the choices.  This one is a 1 ton which was the largest I could find for 115 volts. 

I did find “hundreds” of others online that have used the Pioneer brand and had good feedback on using them in a mobile application. 

I attached an image of the one I purchased.

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Mark and Melanie
1985 Newell 40’
#75 ? (still not confirmed)
First motor coach

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