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Classic turbo boost
Have you thought about going with electronic gauges instead of mechanical? This would be more accurate and eliminate the lag in a 50' tube. I haven't researched, just found these with a quick Google search.

MaxTow Double Vision 60 PSI Turbo Boost Gauge Kit - Includes Electronic Pressure Sensor - Black… $99.99

MaxTow Double Vision 1500 F Pyrometer Exhaust Gas Temperature EGT Gauge Kit - Includes Type K Probe… $139.99

MaxTow Double Vision 260 F Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit - Includes Electronic Sensor - Black… $89.99
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Yes,  I would like to go with electronic gauges,  especially engine temp and pyrometer.  Would really be nice to have something like a Bluetooth and not have to run wires . Having said that,  there are some unused wires that go from the front to rear .
Appreciate the links and replies !
Also , I think I will reset the filter minder and see what it does next time . Filter build date is 2016 , so I'm pretty sure it has less than 10k miles on it .
I've read where filters have been replaced and the minder goes right back to 20 . 
BTW MrE , did you get repower rolling ?
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I wouldn't trust your air filter if it is from 2016. The filter medium can degrade over time and either allow unfiltered air or collapse and cause air flow problems. Have you pulled it and inspected it during this issue? That could be part of your low boost problem.
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I have inspected the filter and it looks good.  It's an ECO filter , 13.5 " diameter, 24 " long with 7" inlet and outlet . Phil had it installed at Newell in '17 . I have looked online for the part number but haven't found it yet . Local truck shop can probably get one .
At 18 psi indicated on a new gauge , I think the boost is okay . Little stated that his  Classic boost was 17 to 18 . Also the dash gauge has a 20 psi max . 
At some point I will go through the Detroit tune up procedure , studying the manual to get up to speed on that .
Thanks ,
1986 #89
VIN 007
Chris and Sharon Hand 

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