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RV Lot Ownership

I was wondering if anyone out there has, had or knows someone who owns an RV Lot within a Resort somewhere. We are considering purchasing a few in notable resorts across the US, but have no experience in this sector of real estate (we have plenty of experience with commercial and residential real estate). Some of my questions involve the following:

Is it worth it?
Does it make traveling more convenient if you own lots at least in "4 corners" of the US?
Does renting the lot (when not owner occupied, of course) help bring a balance to the monetary investment calculation?
Where would you love to rent a lot?
What would you consider to be "the pros" to this strategy?
What would you consider to be "the cons" to this strategy?
If you are an owner, what, if any, about the ownership do you regret? 
If you are an owner, what would you change about your ownership?

Any other thoughts would be much appreciated, as we continue to go forward on this new journey!
Like so many things - it all depends.  We are full time and own a lot at Thornton Creek Motorcoach Resort outside of Punta Gorda, FL.  We love it for the winter weather and we have many close friends here and don’t have to hassle with reservations every winter.  That is a primary concern as you generally have to make those reservations one year in advance.  We might consider buying another lot up north or farther west but it doesn’t make as much sense for us because of where our grown children reside, one in the northeast, one here in FL and one in Colorado.  That gives us an excuse to go in a different direction every year.

Our first few years were spent seeing many of the National Parks across the US, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Doubt that I would buy anything close to one simply because of the crowds.  We have stayed in several parks that we might consider when and if the time is right.  From a cost perspective it makes more sense for us to do a seasonal rental in a place we enjoy and usually can go back the following year without a problem - again an advance reservation is required.

There is no one answer for all of us.  Good luck on your upcoming purchase!

Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i

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