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Hose Reel
The initial part of the plumbing system is the water inlet and associated hose reel.  My Glendenning reel stopped working and I have been trying to figure the source of the problem.  The circuit breaker on the switch was inoperative, impossible to reset, so I began to take the switch apart.  Long story short, I found that the hot side wasn’t hot, so there should be a fuse somewhere.  The manual calls for a 10 amp fuse in line on the hot side in spite of the circuit breaker being identified as 4 amps.  Anyway I have searched high and low on my fuse panels and can’t find the location of the associated fuse. I did find an unlabeled 7.5 amp fuse that had blown and replaced that but still no joy.  Called Newell and they weren’t able to help either.  I will try them again on Monday.

Does anyone have any idea where the fuse for the hose reel might be located? And also but less important, does anyone have any idea what circuit might require the 7.5 amp fuse?

Any input appreciated!

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Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i
Not familiar with the 2007 but does it have Spyder controls?  My hose jammed and I was able to get it loose only to find a fuse blew too.  If you have Spyder controls you can go to their website, type in Newell for user and coach for password. Then enter or select your coach number for fuse/control schematics.
2013 Newell #1472
Some of us have a 12v fuse panel midships of the driver side in the basement, usually in the bay with the inverter. It is usually a carpeted box velcroed to the sidewall. Have you looked there?
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
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Dale F and Richard - Thanks for the replies.  Good info on the Spyder controls but my hose reel isn’t part of that system. The electrical schematic might be useful but it is too blurry for me to read anything. And I have also looked at my primary fuse panels, which are labeled, and nothing there.  A few of the fuses are not labeled but they are all in tact.

I have been able to remove (destroy) the switch and breaker.  I can put 12V to the hot side of the motor and it runs, so the problem is that the switch has no live power going to it.  Trying to track that down.  Ugh.

Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i
What Richard said. Look for a carpeted box near the inverter.
Bill Johnson
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
2011 Jeep Wrangler
Auburn, Alabama
It's been 2 years but in my old 2007 #815 the 12V panels were mid ship on the driver's side where the inverters were. A plexiglass walled box was in that bay so you had to take it out to get to the 12V panels. Every Newell is unique so I do not know if this will help you.

Good luck,
Oscar & Janet Valent
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There are 12vdc fuses below the Square D AC panel located aft on a number of older coaches.    If the reel is located in the rear it might be fed from this location.
Gordon Jones

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