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Towing a specialty vehicle
I've got a specialty vehicle that I think I'd like to use as my toad on some occasions.  It's not flat towable, nor would I want to make it so. Those of you that use an open trailer, how dirty does stuff on the trailer get when you tow it?  Does stuff take a lot of abuse from road debris?  My normal toad does get some abuse from debris getting kicked up by the coach, but since I drive it a lot of the time as a daily driver it's gets beat up some anyway.  I'd like to not subject the specialty one to that if possible.
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I think you know the answer.

You have the “towed” vehicle in a vacuum zone which will pull in dust and dirt, moving behind eight tires to lift debris, and a cooling/oiling system with inevitable drips and drabs.

Enclosed or suffer the slings and arrows of the open road.

IN 15 years of motorhoming, I don’t think I have seen a single “show car” in the open. Race cars, yes. Show cars, no.
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Yes, very true.  I was hoping that someone had found that a front air dam or something similar had cut down on much of that stuff.  Mine's a rather low and wide vehicle, so it's miserable getting it in and out of an enclosed trailer.
06 M450LXi 3 slide
I have towed my 2 place helicopter all over the US on an open trailer. I have a cover for the plexiglass front and simply wrap large moving style plastic wrap from a dispenser around the rest. Works quite nicely.

The picture is of my Aero Cruiser, so not as big as the Newell Smile

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I have a specialty vehicle that I place in an enclosed trailer. I had this one built to solve all of these problems. 9' long door, internal slope of 4' and a lip where the door touches the street. Drivers side door mid way for drivers door to open and exit from. Winch in the floor for those days when all things aren't working. My 2 cents, go enclosed, you won't regret it. BTW good enclosed barely lose value if any. PM me and I'll elaborate on all my lessoned learned on all my the prior enclosed trailers.
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Enclosed trailers are nice. That being said...they are heavy. My aluminum 20ft trailer weighs around 1000lbs, my aircraft is another 1000lbs.

An enclosed trailer built for the helicopter would have to be 109.5" tall and about 30ft long. It's empty weight would likely exceed 5500lbs or more. Not an issue with a Newell, but with my small Class A with it's Chrysler Industrial LA360 V8 Gas engine at a gross weight of 10,000lbs without the trailer, I would be dragging my.... well you know, up hills and the like. The places i go to fly this thing tend to be grass fields and not at all conducive to Newell operations! Lighter is better for this kind of thing and the cover+plastic wrap works great.. Even in a ice storm! See photo above Smile
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Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide
i agree with the enclose hauler. i bought a 20 foot one 7 years ago and i think i could sell if for more than i paid for it.

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