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AiPhone TD series Intercoms??
So today i spent some time hooking up two of my new TD-6H/B intercom units using the photos provided by an amazing Guru!

I have two way talk working between the two stations, cant find the 10 conductor gray cable fro the front one yet! Anyone know where to look. I tried under the center joy.

I do not have power to the intercom main unit in the rear closet, so I am jumping power to it from the closet light. The DC fuse listed on the rear fuse panel as being for the intercom is good... BUT several of my fuses have been mislabeled or changed sometime in the dim past. Can anyone tell me which fuse controls power to the intercom system?

I get an odd rhythmic pulsing on some channels when I listen to the handset. And sometimes, depending on how the buttons are left on the handset it continuously rings.

Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, Non-slide, Series 60, ABS, 1.5 Bath, Reverse Floorplan

After much fiddling around with the intercom, I can safely dsay I am an expert at wiring up TD series AIphone units!
Of course, Newell, in its infinite wisdom, decided to use non-standard wiring practices.
In the closet, attached to the DE-UR unit they have a double sided terminal strip. This connects the handsets and the door bell unit to the main system component and power. Instead of wiring each handset as the instructions show, they used the terminal strip to swap the "C" line for each unit.
In other word, each handset unit is wired identically (Thanks Michael!) and the main unit swaps the handset number an C wires.
My issue with an intermittent door bell button/chime was traced back to the IF doorbell itself. Water had gotten in (common!) and destroyed the wiring/board. A new unit was installed and the little green LED now lights and the doorbell rings the handset units for a short time when pressed. 2-way communication between each unit and the door intercom is working as well.
My original door intercom cover is body color, the new one is brushed stainless steel. I put back on the old one, but may swap... aesthetics, you know...
If anyone else needs help, let me know.

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Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, Non-slide, Series 60, ABS, 1.5 Bath, Reverse Floorplan

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