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Aquahot Temp Gauge
Hey All,
  I am troubleshooting/rebuilding my aquahot system and the rain has put a damper on the outside work.

Like most of you, I have a Cyberdyne red LED round gauge over the microwave that reads out the Aquahot temperature. Trouble is, mine is off.

I have some unconnected wires in the Aquahot bay, that may be the culprits, but have no idea which ones feed that gauge. I know there should be a temp sensor someplace on/in the Aquahot unit and some way to feed power to the gauge.

Anyone know which wires are which? This is a particularly Newell problem.


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Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide
Mark & Beverly Fincke
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Rick, I don't remember where the temp sender is located on the aquahot. But I replaced the gauge on my '98 Newell and on my Foretravel I added a temp sender and just pushed it behind the plate where the thermostats are as shown on Mark's post.
Look at the wires at the gauge and see if they're the same as the 2 cut wires in your picture. You can cut the 2 wires at the gauge and twist them together then check the continuity at the 2 cut wires to see if they're the same. If so you can do like I did and add a new sender and possibly new gauge. Pretty much any temp sender with a range up to 250º would work.
Forest & Cindy Olivier
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Perfect info...will do

Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide
Rick, In your picture of the thermostat area, the tank temp sensor is in the upper left hand corner with one, looks like, yellow wire. Follow that wire out of that area to see where it goes.
Rudy Legett
2001 Foretravel U320 4220
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Southeast Texas Area
Here is the post I used to replace mine.................................
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531

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