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Newell Gurus would like to thank Boomer for joining us.

DRAINMASTER (WasteMaster) 22' Sewer hose & Nozzle
This hose system was removed off our 2015 coach, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  It is leak-free and in terrific condition, both in color and integrity.

The blue nozzle is their previous model, and has faded some, but it's lubricated and works smoothly.  Their newest model is dark green and will not fit onto this clear-view section.

I hate just tossing this in the landfill, and am hoping someone will put it to good use; I think it'll serve many more years.

The collapsed size is considered 68", and will extend to 22'.

This is their updated hose, and it's features are:
  • Improved 4 to 1 compression ratio, i.e. each foot of retracted hose extends 4 feet. Our earlier Polychute hose was 3 to 1 so you'll notice this new hose extends farther than your old hose.
  • Sta Put feature- hose behaves like a bendable drinking straw. Pull it out or push it back and it stays.
  • Durability- The helical is on the outside of the hose with NO METAL wire inside making it “Crush Proof”.
  • Smooth Interior- Prevents waste from getting trapped inside.
  • Clear View Fitting- allows you to see when the tanks are clean.

I'd like $45

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Steve & Janice Vance
2015 Newell #1524
Glendora, CA
May I ask how you removed it in the first place?  I have been wondering how to access the connecting end.  I may need to replace the head on mine in the near future and this could solve the problem as well if I had that answer.

Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i
Terry - On my 2007 it screwed in on the opposite side (passenger side) of the utility bay. I could get to it easily from the passenger side bay door. The PVC tube that the sewer hose stores in opens back up on the passenger side of the sewer tank and the hose came through and made a 90 degree turn towards the back of the coach where it screwed in. Sorry I do not have my coach anymore or I would have taken a picture.

Good luck,
Oscar & Janet Valent
Full timing
2004 Foretravel U320 3823 PBBS
2007 Newell Coach #815 - Great Coach Sold
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit
Wow this would be awesome if I could install this on my classic coach.
(Because I’ve only owned a classic coach, I wasn’t aware of this newer technology)
In awe
Mike and Beth Magee 
80 Newell Classic 37’ Cat 3208T
05 Ascender 4x4 toad
(Lol no pun intended)

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