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One slide not working!
Hey guys, I just parked up and began to set up my coach (2004 quad slide) 3 slides came out no problem but one is not working, when I press extend says seal deflating but nothing happening.

Any help would be much appreciated
Hi Wesley,
The slide not going out was it the last one? does the control display never get to vacuuming? the slide will not deploy until the pressure vac sensors see the correct value, my valves are in last bay on the right at the back, and some are in the side genny rad bay, they are adjustable. Where are you?


#1218 P2000i
#1218 in Europe based in the UK
Hi Ian, i am at Silverstone this weekend, my control panel allows me to select which ever slide I want in any order, all the others worked fine just the front curb side not working.

I’m wondering if it is a air pressure issue, I had a quick look in the belly lockers and found a few air valves but don’t really know what im looking for!
I agree with Wesley. This sound like the controller is having trouble pulling a vacuum on the slide seal.

This could be a bad seal, a problem in the seal controller or in the best case simply a lack of air. (There is a really small chance it is a bad fuse in the slide controller, but in that case I think you would get a different message).

Are you running the engine when you are moving the slides? (You should). The way that the vacuum works is that it has a little Venturi and the controller vents high pressure air over an orifice and that creates a vacuum that pulls air out of the slide seal. If you don’t have plenty of air, the system will not generate enough vacuum and never sense a fully deflated seal.

Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama
Don’t know if they are the same as my ‘07, but happened to me and it was a fuse. My slide fuses are in the main fuse bay, mid-ship driver side.

Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i
Thanks for your answers guys, I have tried with the engine on and certainly plenty of air pressure, I now feel this could be electrical as the 3 other slides move/deflate no problem.

Could this be related to a flat battery? I had the vehicle out last weekend on hire and someone left the lights on not hooked up and by the time I arrived to collect it was dead! Managed to get the slide in but it did hesitate.

There is a whole load of fuses in the front of my coach but can’t see any fuse related to slides?
Success! I thought I’d try and manually release the pressure from the seal and let it re-inflate to see if it would reset itself and it sorted itself out!

Thanks for the input Smile

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