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Newell Gurus would like to thank Boomer for joining us.

Brought #312 home today
    So after a few weeks of being super busy I finally brought home our lovely coach. Went to notary to get paperwork notarized, then off to emissions and finally off to MVD (Third party) and finally home. I notice an air leak at the front compressor behind the grille in front of the passenger side tire. How does that grille come off? And being new, I do not have electrical hookups for this just yet. (Go figure and I am an Electrical Contractor!) Is there something that must be left powered on or should I shut things down for the time being? Weather here is going to be in the 80's for the next few weeks with no humidity.

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1993 8v92TA #312
that is a louvered bay door. it has either spring loaded rocker latches on each side reached by feeling inside the louvers. or possibly catch latches but those are on alittle newer ones i believe

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Simon, congrats.
I have #300 and I believe your door is the same as mine. If you reach up in the second louver from the bottom, on the outer edges of both sides, you should find the small spring latches. You'll need to disengage them at the same time.
As usual all Newells are a bit different so yours might not be at the second louver but they should be towards the bottom half of the door.

You'll find lots of helpful information about air leaks, how find them and how to fix them. The Gurus are the greatest and always willing to help.
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Yep, thanks guys. I did figure it out earlier. There are two small latches under the louvers. While playing with buttons I found the "Detector" rocker switch which had a concealed radar detector that retracts out of the ceiling. Thought that was hilarious! Surprisingly everything works including jakes, cruise and the TV's! Found a Romex wire that was cut and spliced poorly in the closet next to the main panel. It was throwing sparks about. Once I wiggled it a bit, the TV's and vanity lights started to work. I will make a permanent repair. Ended up plugging the rig into a 20 amp receptacle nearby so it does have power. Shut off the a/c's as they are not needed now. I could not get the generator to start even though it worked when I tested it a few weeks ago. Any tricks to it?

My wife and her dad enjoying a show on the 19" tv with a VCR tape! LOL

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1993 8v92TA #312
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Nice coach ! Glad you have it home now .
What type genset?  Presume it spins over , won't start up ? Check fluid levels .
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It is a Martin 17.5. Does spin over yet won't start. I was going over previous owners paperwork and they had the same issue at least 5 times. Seems the repair was a crank sensor. I did not delve into it more. The auxiliary air depletes within the hour too. Need to look at that as I cannot open the generator slide. (P.O. had that issue as well at least 4 times!)
1993 8v92TA #312

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