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Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Alaska winter full timing
So far so good! Temps are in the single digits and dropping into the negitives at night. Couple of take aways so far is to ensure the front 110v compressor bay is heated and covered or it freezes solid . The water bay built in electric heaters are no way close to keeping the bay above freezing, requiring an extra electric heater down low. The rear slide below the head of the bed where the water lines enter the coach from below will freeze, requiring another electric heater under the head of the bed. So much ice has built on the sides of the slides that the coach will be stationary until breakup in spring. So I went and purchased a class B - 4 season coach by Xplorer a 228 model to get my RV and camping fix in this winter while in Alaska! 

Jesse Coach 582 2001
Good report.

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Those are good tips to know in known icing areas!
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Good information. Keep us posted on your stay. I've been curious, but not courageous enough to try a winter stay like this. We can all learn from you.
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I had the same problem with the front bay getting cold.  My solution was to build a padded cover made out the same sunbrella material as on the awnings.  It was attached with four snaps in the corners.   My future plan was to add a space heater like the one that is in the Aquahot bay.


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Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama
Thanks for your report and good luck while in Alaska. Please keep us posted on your progress as well as any other issues with your Newell while in cold country. We have coach #581 
Dario and Andrea Perini
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Alaska is one of my first trips to make once I get the free time. My coach came with a multitude of small space heaters scattered about the lower end. Seems the previous owners were in colder climates before their trek to Arizona
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Ill let you all know of any additional modifications that have to be done but so far so good. Its getting to -20 at night now and all is well, except that even with a space heater and blanket covering the 110 compressor compartment - its frozen up. The 12 volt compressors are doing a good job though.

Hmmmmmm. If you are planning on routine winters in that climate you might consider adding a second 120 compressor to the aquahot bay
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