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New 220V Induction Cooktop Wiring

It is possible to tale a single 120 vac leg from the transformer and wire it to both sides of a 50 amp power plug. There would be no 220 vac available with this install but the other brands of coaches will work fine as they hove no 220 vac devices.

The power transformer on the nearby pole is tapped at each end of the output coil and in the middle of the coil for the neutral. This provides two 120 vac legs, end of coil to middle, the neutral, that are out of phase. So, 220 vac from leg to leg or across the entire output coil of the transformer.

So, leg to neutral equals 120 vac, either leg. Leg to leg equals 220 vac. A 30 amp RV plug has only one leg, 120 vac, so no 220 vac is available.

Now having said that, there are some owners with 30 amp RVs that have adapeted a 30 amp clothes dryer plug for their rv. When the rv was plugged in, all 120 vac devices were fried. That is because the house wiring electrician properly wired the plug for a dryer by putting one leg to one socket, a second leg to another socket and the neutral to the third socket. A 30 amp, 220 vac clothes dryer worked fine but not a 30 amp 120 vac RV.

If you are not up on your electical knowledge, see Richard or an electrican. Hope this helps.

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Will do. I’m obviously not as savvy on the electrical side as I thought.

Not surprised and not the first time. Lol

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