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Phase Four Waste Master remote and parts

Our new to us #760 has a waste master but I am missing the remote and the manual extend / retract doesn't work.
I haven't had time yet to trouble shoot the manual switch. the dump valves operate on both sides. 
I added a macerator to the passenger side.

I will be asking several questions in different area's until I understand the coach.

Thanks in advance

2006 Newell #760
Cat 615


Here is a quick primer in how to use the search function to your advantage.

Type in waste AND master into the search engine and you will get a listing of several threads in which owners have discussed issues with the waste master system

Putting the AND in all caps between the words is critical. If you just type waste master into the search engine you will get every thread with waste and every thread with master. That is not very efficient way of looking.

Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

Thanks Richard. I have used other sites like IRV2. it seemed easier.
i will try AND

2006 Newell #760
Cat 615

OK, I have spent some time working on the hose retract / extend problem on 760. After some research I found the unit is an Applied Wireless RCR 303B - PHFO part number 580272. It uses remote FOB number KTX303b2. I found the remote-control unit had dirty connecters on the cat type plug. I cleaned that and the light came on by the antenna on the remote-control box (I still have no FOB). on the DS there is a rocker switch next to the sewar head in the storage box that doesn't work. it has 5 wires, 2 small white, black, red and green. there is 12volt across the 2 small white wires but no voltage on any others. the 2 small white wires go to a small round white tube on the front of the sewar hose head storage box. I don't know what that is.
Here is the sewer hose air extension / retraction valve (I think)
I don't know why the wire is wrapped around it.

I am looking for a replacement FOB or a complete remote unit.
I would like a wiring diagram if anyone has one.
I would also like a function diagram of the retract / extend system if there is one out there.

2006 Newell #760
Cat 615

I have been looking at this problem for a year.
I finally figured it out! I have no hair left.
The remote control unit is fried. It controls the manual switch too.
The system is suposed to push the sewer hose out with compressed air and retact it with vacuum.
After reviewing the system I found this:
My coach had the extenstion valve (out pressure) with a bad solenoid but no vacuum source.
It appears the vacuum system has been removed and the port closed. I don't know if it was ever there.
I tested the extend / retract function using a shop vacuum and the air pressure port and the hose will extend and retract.
I have redesigned the system to remove the power operated sewer valve thet provides a seal so the system can create a vacuum to retract the hose.
I replaced the missing vacuum system (I assume it was simular to the slide seals system) with a centrifical 12 volt pump.
I put a N/C valve on the output of the vacuum pump so the pressure can extend the hose and not go past the pump
I put a N/C valve on the pressure output

The remote control button is held down to active the pressure / Extend function by opening the pressure valve
when the remote button is released the valve closes
The remote control button is held down to active the Vacuum / Retract function by turning on the Vacuum pump and opening the valve
when the remote button is released the vacuum pump turns off and valve closes

I will draw up a flow chart if anyone is interested.

It should be easy to retro fit any waster master system with hose that goes thru the tank.
It's not a big deal, but when working will be really cool.

2006 Newell #760
Cat 615

I’m ahead of you as I don’t have any hair to start with. I have #808 and would appreciate your diagram and perhaps some pictures as well. I have been contemplating this one for a long time as well and understood that parts for the waste master system were no longer available, so I just stopped.

A second problem is that I replaced the hose late last year but the new head is slightly larger than the original and no longer fits in the box. Hopefully Newell has a replacement and I can easily put it in, otherwise I’ll have to tape the door shut when I travel. Not the end of the world but not ideal either.

Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i

I finished the extend / retract sewer hose system.

The coach had the air pressure hose and solenoid so i used a ball valve to control the vacuum side.
when extend is pressed the solenoid opens and air pressure extends hose because ball valve is closed.
I used momentery remote conrtol
when retract is pressed ball valve opens and vacuum pump turns on.

The system works well.

2006 Newell #760
Cat 615

I forgot, the ball valve is N/C (normally closed)
it returns to closed when remote button is released

2006 Newell #760
Cat 615

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