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my slide won't come in
hi i have 2006 newell #760 45 foot and in florida, i just went to put my driver slide in and it hit the chair and stopped i put the driver chair forward and tried again and it won't budge..either in or out...can you help me
Ok we have it resolved thanks to Mike for getting to us quickly on the Newell Hotline. We had blown a fuse and were able to take one from one of the other slides and pull it in. We will pick up the new fuse tomorrow. I love having a Newell, you can't find that type of service anywhere else in the industry.

Thank you for updating your post with what happened. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for the folks that follow is a big help.

I agree on the Newell support! Along with this forum its good to know that someone is there to help (if only to offer moral support).

On my coach the controller had a spot to put a spare fuse on each plug in card. When you get your spare fuses you might see if your controller has a similar spot. That way if you ever blow another fuse….it will be right there.

Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama

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