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Shoreline Cord reel
Does anyone know if there is a fuse or breaker for Shoreline cord reel. I cannot retract or extend my Shoreline cord. Thanks in advance for your input.
Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i
Sorry ....2013
Mine is a little older, 2007, but there is a fuse in the main fuse bay. Can’t recall the size but might be a 10. Easy to replace.  Blew mine on my first ride when I allowed the cord to hit the stop. 

Terry Copeland
2007 P2000i
Thank you .... I will try to find the fuse.
Look near the breaker box in the rear and see if you can find a bank of 12V fuses. I think that is where the cord reel is fused.

In 653 fuses were located in three different locations.

1) under the passenger side dash behind access door
2) Mid ships near the inverter
3) Rear closet next to breaker box.

Your coach will have a lot of differences (653 is a 2003)…but Newell kept more the same from year to year than they changed.

Good luck.
Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama

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