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Aqua Hot relay & temp gauge
We recently encountered a problem with our Aqua Hot in which it seemed that hot water was coming out of the cold side (and into the toilet). Fran shut it down and found a bad relay.  Once the overtemp “switch” on the diesel side was reset the diesel AH is working fine. 
We are looking to find a source for the relay and would also like to find the AH temp gauge as it has never worked in the 8 months we’ve owned the coach.  
Fran has been getting a crash course in AH repairs lately and it seems that in our neck of the woods (Eastern Iowa) there doesn’t seem to be anyone with a great deal of knowledge on the system especially with the parts that are unique to Newell.  Does anyone (ie: Rudy or Roger Berke etc.) do video conferencing for a fee? I know we’d be willing to pay for their knowledge just to gain a better understanding of the AH system. Thanks! Cherie

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Fran & Cherie 
1998 Newell 45L-102 #497
Read this post about the temp readout. When you order a new one, replace the gauge first and see if it comes to life. You will get a sensor with the gauge, but the sensor is a lot more involved to replace so try the easy part first.

The relay you mention is the relay that is activated by the switch above the oven that gives you EITHER 240volt electric heating to the AH OR Air Conditioning. You can’t have both in your Newell unless someone has altered the wiring. So before we go further, do you have a voltmeter and are you comfortable in measuring 240 Volt AC?
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

The AH gauge is a Cyberdyne unit.

Cyberdyne Gauges A054E161N

The number may be for a Green on... but you want the water temp version.

Look at:

Unfortunately they are hard to find. I am attaching the PDF of the manual. They can be found on Ebay. I found one and it works great.

Before you toss it out. Check the wiring behind the panel and make sure it's wired properly and has 12v positive and negative.

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Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, Non-slide, Series 60, ABS, 1.5 Bath, Reverse Floorplan

Call me between 8 and 8, I will be happy to assist you. 7 one 3. 8 one 8 3234
Rudy Legett
2001 Foretravel U320 4220
ISM11 450 hp Allison 4000R
Factory Authorized Aqua Hot Repair Center
Southeast Texas Area
And I don’t know where in Eastern Iowa, but Rhonda and I will be in Rochester MN for most of next week, Just saying if you want to drive up, I will help you look at it.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Years ago I produced an Aquahot DVD based on a lecture by Rudy at one of our gatherings. I cannot find a copy, but if someone has one and can mail it to me I will make additional copies for distribution. The address is 22632 S. 214th Way, Queen Creek, AZ 85142. Chester Stone
2001 Newell #579
tow a Honda Odyssey
fun car: 1935 Mercedes 500K replica
Chester, I have nothing to add except we're neighbors! I am on Ellsworth and Southern just north of you. Maybe we could meet one of these weekends! You would be the first to see my 312 renovations. My coach does not have Aquahot as it is a 1993.
1993 8v92TA #312
THANK YOU ALL for your wisdom and willingness to share it! Hoping as time goes on and we learn more about these marvelous beasts we own that we too can “pay it forward”!
Rudy - thank you…as soon as Fran has time in his work schedule to get in front of the unit he will give you a call with what questions he still has.
Richard - Your offer to meet up was wonderful! Not only for the help, but we would love to meet others who have become caretakers of these older coaches like us! We live near Cedar Rapids but unfortunately we are heading out tomorrow to Illinois for a family reunion. Hopefully our paths will cross one day soon!
Rick - thanks for the info and the link! I believe he has found both parts now…. So grateful for this forum and all who participate!
Fran & Cherie 
1998 Newell 45L-102 #497
You are most welcome!
Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, Non-slide, Series 60, ABS, 1.5 Bath, Reverse Floorplan

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