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water bay

the nice thing is you have lots of room to work in your water bay. there are lots of pex manifolds and to go from copper to pex is easy using sharkbite fittings. i agree with jon on pex b. that is what my shop is mostly plumbed with and the expansion tool is the way to go. it will build up your forearms using the manual one....ha

sometimes trying to copy someone is not always the best. if you just start sketching and tracing, with a little help from here, you can figure out how you want it.

my bigger concern would be if there is any copper internal to the coach that was compromised.


2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH


What I have for water in my 1986.
1. Water supplied throughout from an external water supply.
2. Ability to fill freshwater tank from an external water supply.
3. Water supplied throughout from 12v water pump using the fresh water tank.
4. Ability to isolate filtered water.
5. Ability to isolate hot water heater.

My current manifold is metal, so freezing could destroy it. In Idaho, if I'm camped in the mountains it can get well below freezing even in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Camping on the ground July 4th weekend in Stanley Idaho I woke up covered in 6" of fresh snow.

Jon & Chris Everton
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When I bought our 1986 coach it didn't have a water pump , but there was wiring for two pumps and evidence of mounting locations . Here are pictures of what I came up with. As mentioned previously , the pumps are controlled by switch in the galley .

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I was thinking of going back with copper.  I can do it not that big of an issue but have worked with PEX as well. have a small farm and pex goes well in rocky ground unlike PVC .

I don't have an issue with either just trying to get an idea of how to plumb it without re doing it several times.

and yes, I don't know what else is compromised in the coach?  i can only hope they just didn't winterize it and cause under coach damage only, as they had it partially hooked back up with garden hose and hose clamps.

had a whole house water filter and canister was literally rotten and crumbled when i took it off to check the filter inside, so off to Lowes to get a new one.  then it was impossible to get the filtered water filters as no one at Newell in the parts dept. when I sent them pics of the couplers for them could not tell me what filters they needed, so I am in the process of replacing those 2 filters with something I can purchase locally and easily.

Like a said earlier i think that someone it my coaches past just didn't maintain it so it's now an uphill climb to get it back to what it once was.  but having a mechanical background and the ability to work on it makes a difference.  and it gets me away from what I do for a living which is nice.

Dennis and Sandy Flanery
Kearney MO.
1987 Newell 45' Coach no slides

Use the pex. It will tolerate the road vibrations much better AND give you a safety net for freeze protection the copper just can not give you.

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