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Pocket door closure

I have three pocket doors on my Coach (Coach number 1517) and two open and close perfectly .  The third door opens perfectly but when it closes, it stops about 1 inch short.  There are no delays or strange sounds, it just stops about an inch short.

I am going to Newell in March for the annual maintenance and it can wait until then, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening


Ken & Karen
2015 Newell (Coach #1517)

I have the same issue...what did Newell find?

Arch & Mary Jones
1997 Newell #463
Williamsburg, VA or Gettysburg, PA 
depending on what day it is

(04-08-2023, 05:58 PM)Jonestead Wrote:  I have the same issue...what did Newell find?
I ended up fixing it before we got to Newell.  In the mid bath, above the vanity, there is an adjustment piece where you can add or reduce air pressure re the door.  I added a bit of pressure  and it now opens all of the way.  It took about 10 minutes once I knew what to do

Ken & Karen
2015 Newell (Coach #1517)


You may have to go on a hunt here. Let’s start with how the door works. It rides on a inverted C channel track with rollers. So check for obstructions on the track. Also check to see if the door is warped. Some of them had mirrors on one side which over time can cause the door to bend and therefore obstruct before closing.

After that you can try increasing the pressure to the door. Close by your 12V compressor there should be a pressure regulator. It is probably set somewhere between 50 and 60 psig. That regulated air goes to the doors, the slide seal(s), and the potty. Careful with just jacking it up because the potty will start to malfunction at higher air pressures.

If none of that addresses the problem, then you go on an Easter egg hunt to find the actuator. It is going to be somewhere close to the air cylinder in the door hidden behind some carpeted panels. I can’t tell you which ones, or how to find the screws to remove them, because no two Newells are alike. Welcome to a big watch out on the forum. What you see on yours may not match what some other owner sees on theirs. When you find the actuator, you probably will find some adjustable exhaust mufflers on the exhaust ports on the actuator. Newell uses those adjustable ports to regulate the speed of the door opening and closing. You could try unscrewing the adjustment a bit to see if that makes a difference.

And one last somewhat remote possibility is that the door has become uncoupled from the cylinder. The door is not directly coupled to a pneumatic cylinder. It is coupled to the cylinder magnetically. The purpose being that you are supposed to be able to force the door open if needed. Good luck with that ! But in some cases the door could not be perfectly aligned with the magnet.

Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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