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Removal of a broken slide cylinder

Thanks for all the kind words, but I am sure that others on this site would be happy to help if they have the opportunity.

Tim's coach #530 found the leaky front cylinder when they removed the front hydraulic actuator connection via a wet cover plate in the passenger side wheel well when they were changing out the slide seal. I instructed him how he had to cut the inner wheel well opening longer toward the center of the coach as far as he could to be able to remove that cylinder and follow up with a larger sheet metal or aluminum patch to dry in the compartment where the cylinder is located.

I am glad I was also able to also provide a hydraulic hand pump that allowed them to realign the slide as somehow after his slide seal was installed, on the second cycle of the salon sliding out it got cocked for some reason. At the moment Tom and Tim are trying to figure that out, but able to use the pump to get it back in alignment.

I hope that Tim posts pictures of how he cut the wheel well to get at the cylinder for the front slide.......somebody will need that at some point

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