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Towing Trailers/car

Hello Newell Fam,
As a younger family with 3 little ones we have run out of room for toys, supplies, and camp stuff when traveling. Up until this point we have gotten by with the existing rig for our storage needs, but I am contemplating towing a trailer now. Maybe even something large enough to fit a vehicle other than just a motorcycle or golf cart.  A little nervous that throwing another 20 ft on the back of the bus may be a bold move, but then again, I see so many on the road doing the same that I am slowly warming up to the idea.  

Thoughts? Suggestions? Where to purchase? Brands?

Thank you! 
Matthew, Mallory, Emerson, Morrison, and Quinn Smile #1697, Birmingham MI

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I have several newer coach owner friends who are "over the moon" happy with their "Stacker".

It's a "game-changer" for a number of reasons:

1. Safety and security (locked and hidden)
2. Capacity to haul extra gear and tools
3. ZERO wear & tear on "towed vehicle"
4. Less concerns about compatibility
5. Ease of carrying multiple/different vehicles
6. Able to carry other types; e.g. ATC, UTV, Motorcycle, Buggy, Golf Cart, etc.
8. "True" hauling experience with smoother lines, airflow, and tongue-weight (if this makes sense)
9. Reduce stress of "breakaways" from failed baseplate issues
10. NO speical procedures to enter "Neutral Tow" mode; less chance of operator-error issues

There are TWO BIG downsides:

1. PLACE TO STORE IT...whether at home or in a park
2. Time to "disconnect" is prolonged since you have to offload the vehicle, then disocnnect the trailer IF required to store off-site

As for "brands", this is a bit harder and should be based on your needs. For a triple-axle Stacker, most guys want an ATC...I guess. The other thing is, do you want a $20k custom wrap, or a $60k custom paint job?

I know of one friend who just got a fantastic deal on a used Renegade and had it wrapped to match his coach and he's 1000% never going back to a standard TOAD. If he had his choice, it would be an In Tech.


Steve & Janice Vance
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We have a 28' Pace stacker. As stated there are some + and -. The biggest plus is we can carry almost everything we own. Jeep/ motorcycles, grill, kayak etc.We are set up with a Murphy type bed as well. Ours has a mini split AC unit. Trailer barely noticeable behind Newell, till you get to an RV park. Parking the trailer with a 40ft+ vehicle can be an issue. You will remember which parks have 100' pull thrus and which ones have a tiny overflow lot for trailers. Sometimes we could drop trailer in the street but then for sure someone would park in front of it. We got so wife would ask about trailer before booking a site. Good luck, Mark

Mark and Marian

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