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I am not familiar with an oversized gasket so it’s time to understand dimensionally what is going on.

If you look at the gasket sideways it appears as an H. The top and bottom legs of the H overlap the glass and the fiberglass. The issue is the thickness of the crossbar in the H. With the new gasket, the crossbar is thicker than the old one.

So let’s do the math. I will make up numbers to demonstrate. Let’s say the horizontal opening on the coach is 36 inches top to bottom. And let’s say the glass is 35 inches top to bottom, giving a clearance between the glass and the fiberglass of 1 inch. Evenly position the glass in the opening and the clearance is 1/2 all around. If the thickness of the crossbar in the H is 3/8 then you can wiggle the glass a total of 1/4 inch top to bottom. However, if the thickness of the web is 9/16, the glass at 35 plus the crossbar at each side 2 X 9/16 = 1 1/8, has you trying to put 35 inches of glass and 1 1/8 inches of gasket into a 1 inch space. It is going to pop back out.

Sorry for a very long winded explanation, but in talking with your installer you need to know the thickness of the web in the current gasket, and the thickness of the web in any proposed gasket to make an informed decision.

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Not long winded at all Richard. Thorough, detailed and informative. I love explanations that reduce or eliminate ambiguity.

I have a lot to chew on now.


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