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High engine & transmission temperatures

I have learned to crawl down mountains in 3rd or 4 th gear and Jake set High.... No overheat issues as the "Big" fan always come on and lowers temps in seconds

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My ex-98 transmission was programmed to hit 2nd gear with jake on. Once I got used to it I liked it. Normally coming down steep grades it would stay in 3rd or 4th due to engine rpms. But on those nice grades with a sharp turn at the bottom it was really nice to just stab my brakes and it would shift down to 2nd and give me a bit more slow down.

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My transmission issues were apparently caused by a grounding issue.
While in Miami, OK they re-grounded my gauges and the transmission temp is solid (around 200) on the VDO gauges. I read somewhere on the forum(s) that this is a common issue since the grounds were "daisy chained" together.
I want to get a silver leaf system or similar system to get the exact temperatures and its on my "to do" list.
The Newell guys in OK said the fan doesn't hit high speed until engine temp is over 215.
If I'm in the rear bathroom, I can hear a clunk and a whine when the fan engages, but I cannot tell you what temperature is registering.
Just for fun, I unplugged the solenoid to test the fan and it really speeds up!
Now I've tried using that to my advantage by pulling the plug when I first arrive at a campground. I let it run as I register / maneuver / etc to get the engine bay as cool as possible so that the air conditioner doesn't have as much work to overcome when I parl. I can really feel the engine heat under the bathroom floor for several hours after parking and haven't noticed if it makes much difference to move the fan to high speed but it makes me feel better! I've debated trying to get a remote switch so that I could hit the fan without opening the engine bay, but I'm a little shy about modifying critical engine components.
Have any of you all used the generic engine monitoring system?
Any thoughts?

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i have the silverleaf laptop version and use it while i drive with a ton of custom gauges on it.

my high speed on the hydaulic fan clearly comes on at 205 degrees coolant temp and it drives the temp down below 200 in less than a minute.

today i drove 260 miles and most of it up and down as high as 8200 feet and it worked like that every time the temp got up to 205.

i believe richards does the same temp from talking to him.

i looked and i dont think the scanguage you are referring to works with DDEC (detroit).


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Just got back from a 1400 mile trip in very hot weather and mine does the same as Tom's. On my silver leaf the  fan cut on at about 205 and brings it down to about 189 then cuts off and the temp slowly starts back up to 205 again.  About a 2 minute cycle.
My transmission stays at about 208.

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I also have the Silverleaf dash, and my engine water temperature is controlled very well by the fan, but not so for the transmission. I recently crossed a large mountain in Nevada that has a very long run up as well as down. My guess is more than 10 miles up and then down. Thus the transmission worked hard getting up the mountain and due to the Jake brake it worked hard going down. The transmission temperature peaked at 240 degrees but soon recovered to about 200 on level road. It my understanding that this is OK.

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today in extreme heat in california and doing hills, my tranny temp peaked at about 225. then came down significantly on level runs.


2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH


Drove today from Reno to Sacramento with a drop of 7,000'. In one 40 mile stretch, the drop was 5,000'. Of course, the engine stayed below 200, but the constant use of the Jake caused the transmission to stay above 240 degrees, peaking at 250. Cooled to below 200 as soon as I drove a few miles on level ground. I am assuming this is OK with synthetic oil in the trans.

2001 Newell #579
tow a Honda Odyssey
fun car: 1935 Mercedes 500K replica

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