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Newell Gurus would like to thank Boomer for joining us.

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[attachment=5608][attachment=5609][attachment=5610][attachment=5611]on my 1994 8v92 the automotive AC compressor mounts broke or failed and took out the engine fan completely.  I cannot find the correct fan.  is there a part number for this?  Had Clark in Indy put a new fan on, they said they could not find a 7 blade so the put an 8 blade on.  It ran hot all the way home.  Must be the wrong fan or angle.  Someone has to have a spec or model number for it.  Parts at Newell as not been much help e
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Is anyone willing to send me a picture of their 8V92 Newell fan?  Mine broke off when the a/c mount cracked.  I cannot seem to locate one and the one the repair facility put on really runs hot now.
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Found a broken blade on the turbo intake fan.  See the picture.  Could this be the cause of the engine running hotter at higher speeds?  What is the recommended way to repair these, rebuild them?

Thanks, Frank