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Author: ags2622 - Replies: 4 - Views: 4419
[attachment=5807][attachment=5807]I have coach1518 with the cummins 600 engine.  I added freon and slugged the compressor and need to replace it.  Does anyone know the model number for the Sanden compressor for this engine?   Any suggestions appreciated.  We are in Houston Texas.
Author: cknuth - Replies: 11 - Views: 6688
I admit I haven't read every existing post on this fertile subject but will share my question anyhow.    I can hear a leak - it's at the rear slide seal where it splits under the slide - clearly audible from the outside.    Can anyone tell me what I need to take apart to get to these components?

Thanks in advance,
Author: Richard - Replies: 2 - Views: 4006
It's early, I have too much coffee, and it's too dark to play outside. 

This time of year, the forum gets a fair amount of commentary on air system weirdness and leakage. 

We all know that water in the air system creates rust in the tanks, the rust creates debris that can migrate and clog small orifices, and air valves such as the Height Control Valve, the potties, and all the air operated doors can experience problems. Not to mention the possible contamination of the braking system compon
Author: Richard - Replies: 4 - Views: 6044
My dash air became inop because of a plugged thermostatic expansion valve. Classic symptoms were very low suction pressure and very high high side pressures with no cooling. Simple diagnosis but not so simple of a fix.

First challenge is to remove the old TXV. In my 99 it is in the bowels of the lower dash area. I finally gained limited access by removing both the HWH control panel and the rear view monitor. After evacuating the system, don't snigger I have a reclaim unit, I removed the TXV.
Author: rwatts7777 - Replies: 13 - Views: 7956
Have 2007 Coach 797 with Valid Air Trueline Leveling System. Two Thomas compressors. 166k miles.

Just came from Newell where they replaced 13 fittings on the air system, they replaced hoses and valves in the Bode door, did a wheel alignment that required an adjustment of a newly replaced front Height Control Valve.

In Montana at present where it's been nippy for us Florida thin bloods at around 4500 feet.

Coach Thomas compressors, at Newell, came on every 40 minutes for 30-45 seconds. N
Author: NotSoFast - Replies: 1 - Views: 5446
Hi all,

I have been camping in Montana and have seen a tremendous increase in the leak down rate of the air system. I'm now getting just over 1.3 minutes of compressor off time and about 1.25 minutes on time. I had the system performing in excess of the 45 minute rate just last month. I am on my way to Vancouver B.C. and need a shop with a pit that can search out the leaks. I cannot get under the coach well enough to find the problem.  

Spokane would be a good stop for me or the Seattle ar
Author: Aragona1 - Replies: 8 - Views: 2983
I can't find any air leaks.  Loosing about a pound a minute when parked. 110volt compressor cuts in at 70 and cuts out at 90. Runs about 5 to 10 mins every 20 mins.  I have ruled out the air bags and the leveling, stays level with the leveling system off.  Only 3 air powered items, the toilet, drivers seat and an interior sliding pocket door.  Soapy watered everything I could find and I do not see or hear any leaks.  

Could a 110v compressor be set up only on the auxiliary side of the air sys
Author: Guy - Replies: 20 - Views: 6990
The coach is back and I thought I would post a couple of shots of the replaced rear air bags, as it might help others contemplating  replaceing theirs.
The old bags were Firestone 1T15M-0 which are still available under a new number.
New bags are Goodyear  2095 , which were sourced in Las Vegas. I am unable to Google 2095 airbags.

224.00 each with a total of 6 hours labor for r and r of the bags. Labor rate was 115.00 per hour.
I had overnight air charges that I am sure were loaded in to t
Author: Newell467 - Replies: 11 - Views: 4452
Hello all,

I’m having issues with the HWH air suspension controls.
The air system appears to be working because it airs up to ride height when you start the coach. The green travel light is always on but that is all. The only button that works is the all lower. You can lower it but that’s it. When you touch the air bottom to self level or manual nothing happens at all and none of the up down arrows do anything.
Thanks for any advice or...!
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I've been buffing the bus today to get ready to go to Newell on the 12th to have the slide out seal replaced. Generator was running with the AC and I smelled something funny. Went inside and it was full of smoke. Started at the front right bay and the AC bay was blazing as soon as I opened the door.

I think the plywood on top of the AC was what was flaming but it started at the wires on top of the electrical board.

Any idea if I can find the parts I need to fix this?

I think mice may