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Newell Gurus would like to thank Boomer for joining us.

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Just an update on rebuilding the GM tilt, telescopic, steering column on our 1984. The usual problem with these having the tilt bolts come loose deep in the column had become unbearable. After getting in over my head due to a modification made to a steering wheel mounting  shim made by Newell way back in 84,  I was not able to put the shaft back together. I put my pride aside and I sent the column to Steering Services, in Utah to have him re assemble my fine work. Glad I did. He said I needed a
Author: brian - Replies: 8 - Views: 2250

My hi/low beam switch needs to be replaced on my 411 -- 1996.  How do I separate the grey piece from the black piece.  I don't think it is a puller issue.  I think I just need to pry them apart with a thin blade?  Looks as though someone already may have done this if you can see the yellowish scratches.

Thanks in advance

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This is a problem I had last year on my coach. I want to record what happened here in case it will help anyone else.

My power steering started getting jerky a couple years ago. It finally got to a point where I had no power assist. And yes, it becomes a beast without power steering.

I can usually fix most things myself. I replaced the hydraulic pump, and spent quite a bit of time talking to mechanics at Newell. After replacing a few more items (including the new hydraulic pump) I finally t