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Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Author: Richard - Replies: 4 - Views: 3991
My dash air became inop because of a plugged thermostatic expansion valve. Classic symptoms were very low suction pressure and very high high side pressures with no cooling. Simple diagnosis but not so simple of a fix.

First challenge is to remove the old TXV. In my 99 it is in the bowels of the lower dash area. I finally gained limited access by removing both the HWH control panel and the rear view monitor. After evacuating the system, don't snigger I have a reclaim unit, I removed the TXV.
Author: Winegrower - Replies: 0 - Views: 547
The Headhunter Mach5 outlet fitting cracked which required breaking open the 3/4 brass union above it.  After replacing the cracked female to male part on the Headhunter the brass union would not seat and leaked.  There being no replacement near our location I went to NAPA and picked up some valve grinding compound. I used a small vice to hold the lower half and a cordless drill motor with duck tape over the chuck to grab the upper half.  With a small amount of lapping compound between the parts