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Full Version: Duo therm heater replacement?
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Hi, we have a 1989 Newell with three gas heaters, three electric heaters, and two engine heaters. Our problem is that two of the gas heaters are out, and they’re DOA. We’ve tried to fix them, but they are very tempermental, and we don’t trust to leave them on. We would like to stay with gas due to the amount of electricity the electric heaters pull while stored. Any suggestions on a replacement for the duo therm? Thanks in advance
We have a 1988 and we have 3 gas heaters as well that look like this one (not sure if the models are similar between yours and mine) and we are pretty happy with it, we've used them recently and they worked much better than we were expecting it.

[Image: s-l500.jpg]

I can take pictures of our units and get you the exact model if that helps in any way.

I’ll get some pictures of it this weekend. Can you send me a couple more pictures of your bus? Is the closest one (color scheme) to mine I’ve seen.
Sorry for taking too long to get back to you. I bought this coach a few months ago, the previous owner still has a lot of pictures of the unit (some changes have happened already)

Original unit:

Some of the changes we did, there are more but still working on them before I can take more pictures:

I know the excitement when you find a unit that looks like yours :Smile

I haven't seen yours! Where are your pictures at?
This is the heater
The main issue that I am having is that the heaters I am looking at you not have ducted intake and outtake vents on the outside
Could you have a sheet metal shop build you new end plates with duct connections?
I understand what you are saying and it helps me understand why I have those 2 big white metal sheets on the outside of each new heater Smile

The original heater it seems to be the same one you showed and it only has 2 metal outlets, the two new ones are directly vented outside (no duct) but the big white metal is not very nice (heaters work GREAT)

Attached is a picture with the model of the heater, let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

When Newell put in our rear heater, they painted the big white metal plate to match the coach. Will try to get a pic of it posted. They did a great lob of it. Even had a painter come in on his day off to get us on the road.
I just talked to a place in Kentucky that now makes suburban furnaces. He told me a model that would directly fit and had ducted and and out. The only thing he said I would have to modify would be the gas line going in. Suburban model NT 30 sp, as soon as I get it in and install it I’ll post pictures here .
Thanks for all the help
I hope that works out for you. Two years ago, Newell replaced all three of our old furnaces with new Atwoods. The factory had done this before for other owners. It was the only solution they were aware of at the time. The Atwoods work great; but the replacement required a lot of cabinet work, enlarged openings through the skin painting. The price was steep.
Dick Quirk