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VALID 4-SLIDE MANIFOLD BLOCK - CaptainGizmo - 01-28-2024

This manifold started leaking around the valve when wiggled.  I was told this is an issue with the O-Ring, but I didn't have any time to dig into finding a new one as we were on the road. I got a replacement from Valid and then, when I got home, I gave this one a breakdown. I cleaned the ports, inspected and lubed the o-ring, then reassembled.

IT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED for leaks. But, I have a feeling the clean and lube did the trick. But others have said to just get a new o-ring. At any rate, I'm not gonna throw this nice piece of machining in the trash, so let's get it into a needy new owner!

Just give me an offer to cover some shipping and it'll be on the way!


RE: VALID 4-SLIDE MANIFOLD BLOCK - Richard - 01-29-2024

You are going to be in so much trouble if the boss sees the baking mat used for parts………….

RE: VALID 4-SLIDE MANIFOLD BLOCK - rheavn - 01-29-2024

Had a friend with a '15 Newell and the same air manifold. Three of the five air lines leaked. Replaced the push in fittings with DOT compression fittings and all leaks gone. Also replaced the valve with a metal valve.


I had to replace mine last year after an extreme cold spell.  Luckily, it was still covered under the two year used coach warranty from Newell.

RE: VALID 4-SLIDE MANIFOLD BLOCK - CaptainGizmo - 01-29-2024're a crackup...I may let me wife use my parts mat some day!

Yes, Steve...not a FRIGGIN CHANCE I would use anything but DOT Compression Fittings whenever I can!

And, yah Rob, "shrinkage" in the cold is a REAL PROBLEM...especially for a Newell's air system! LOL