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Correct Front Ride Height Control Valve
Our coach has a leaking front Ridewell 7423 ride height control valve. Other posts remark that the King of the Road K870005 & K870006 are a replacement for the 7423. The King of Road valves are either left or right arm part number dependent, otherwise the K870005 and K870006 are the same valve body. I also read that in other coaches the front valve is a RH valve. My picture below reflect's how my valve is mounted in the coach. The vertical rod on the left is attached to the center of the front axle beam. Given how it's mounted on my coach, I think I need a LH arm PN K870006 for the front HCV. The details for the valve on Dayton's site say that if the control arm is longer than 7 inches that other valves should be considered. The control arm on my valve is 12 inches.

Question is, does what I have look familar to other coaches of same year range and the K870006 will work? Even if control rod is 12 inches.

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Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373
As far as I can tell, you have it figured out. To be sure, call and talk to Rob at Dayton. Show him the picture.

I think you will be OK relative to arm length, as long as moving the vertical rod inboard at the top does not cause it to hit something in the framework.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Thank you Richard. I will try and talk to Rob at Dayton on Tuesday. The arm geometry at 12 inches was holding me up for what to get so as not to over travel the arm and break it off. Dayton does have other choices, but the dump rate or dead band appears different and I didn't know which to get.
Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373
I spoke with Rob at Dayton and sent pictures. It is correctly a LH valve on my coach for the front ride height valve. The King of the Road K870006 valve is a replacement for a Ridewell 7423 in my case as it's going to have similar dead band and flow rate. But the King of the Road 7 inch lever arm isn't going to work without some modification to a 12 inch arm like the original install the Ridewell had. They have another valve that is very similar to the 7423 installation and can use the 12 inch rod arm without a modification. That valve is a Haldex KN27000. But the Haldex has higher flow rates. I don't need any higher air consumption, so Rob is sending me the KOR valve and I'll post how we get it to work with the 12 inch rod.
Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373

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