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Posted by: Latitude 28
7 hours ago
Forum: Parts info
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Found this fitting supplier with great service and quick shipping if ordered before 3:00 pm MT time......

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Posted by: Richard
07-13-2024, 03:26 PM
Forum: Get Togethers
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Rhonda and I will be in Creede CO at Mountain View’s at Rivers edge September 14 to 21, 2025. Reservations are open now. I know it’s a long ways off, but I am happy married to the PLANNER. Hope to see you there if we don’t see in you in Asheville. 

The guru’s rallied here in 2009, where I first met many of you.

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Posted by: BusNit
07-11-2024, 05:31 PM
Forum: Electrical
- Replies (12)

Does anyone know what this plug is and where I can get one? The supplier of the A/C unit gets these preassembled onto the compressors. I want to add in a cut off switch without cutting off the stock connectors.

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Posted by: BusNit
07-10-2024, 05:58 PM
Forum: Tools
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My coach came with two large pullout box style trays. I removed and cut them down to tray size. The exposed plywood edges were covered in aluminum trim. I am very happy with this conversion since the totes fit better allowing their top edges to overhang. I can fit the totes nicely in the tray whereas they did not fit together in the box. While at it, I installed a new Tool box which is bolted down. To finish this project off I installed battery and tool holders for some of my Milwaukee tools that will reside with the bus. The magnetically mounted power strip glides with the tray with the charger plugged in.

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Posted by: Mib2nd
07-09-2024, 09:10 AM
Forum: Discussion about what to consider on buying a used Newell
- Replies (7)

Looking at a 2002 Newell and have done my own preliminary inspection. Any recommendations or comments on the photos of these slides?

The photos showing separation were taken of the bottom of the slides, not the top or I would have moved on already. The tops are all in good condition and the urethane sealant looks good everywhere else. The right rear slide is showing minimal separation and the left front shows more separation and some rust can be seen in the gap. The left rear slide is good all the way around.

Because of the location, I am thinking this may have happened due to the bottom trim piece catching while retracting the slides and pulling the bottom portion of the skin allowing water the enter into the small gap causing the rust. I know the seals have been replaced on the slides and maybe the previous faulty seals created tension in the lower portion causing the problem. I have owned other coaches and am familiar with traditional slides. Just trying to wrap my head around the function of these slides and learn as much as I can so we can get our first Newell.

I was thinking naval jelly injected into the gaps, allow curing, inject with epoxy, clamp and then reapply urethane. Just checking to see if anyone else had experienced this or had other recommendations.

The other photos show some of the trim on the slides appear to be out of alignment with the body of the coach. Are there adjustments that can be made on these slides to line these up? I know the seals have recently been replaced.

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Posted by: onefaststang1
07-08-2024, 09:01 AM
Forum: Exterior
- Replies (6)

We are looking at removing all of our rooftop ac units.  What is the best way to go about covering the holes?  Aluminum sheet riveted in with some form of epoxy?  Or should we consider some form of skylight?  Interior doesn't matter as the coach is getting completely gutted anyways.

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Posted by: Jnewell1
07-07-2024, 09:28 PM
Forum: Please introduce yourself
- Replies (4)

Having AC issues with my 77 MCI Custom Coach. Exploring going with an equal Newell, since that’s my last name.

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Posted by: Chucksweet
07-06-2024, 07:55 AM
Forum: General
- Replies (8)

Is there a way on a late model, mid door coach to not have the entry steps extend automatically when you open the door? 

I know how to keep the steps out all the time, but I want the opposite. When I pull in to get fuel, I am always worried the steps will extend into the pump base on the passenger side (and take paint).  I am willing to jump down to get out, if I can keep the steps in.


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Posted by: Latitude 28
07-04-2024, 06:13 AM
Forum: Electrical
- Replies (10)

Does anyone know where the Xantrex Link 2000 battery temperature probe is located?  If not, how's does it know the battery temperature?

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Posted by: Greasepower
07-02-2024, 08:45 PM
Forum: Coaches for Sale (Please read the info in the Category description)
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Hello Gurus,

We reluctantly have decided to sell our coach. We know we will never get another with this low of miles.

We had one kid when we purchased and now have two…..

Yes it was us your saw Newell post about having a kid in a Newell.(don’t worry it was in a birthing tub)

We just moved into our home here in Loreto Baja(6hours south of the boarder)

Registered to our Oregon home address

Has over 80% fuel in tanks, propane full.

Start batteries 4D new 1.25 years ago

Rolls house batteries 6v 950ah total 3 years old, all plates clean and correctly charged 

Victron 3000kw inverter/charger used a lot when we only had 15amp hookup

New norcold fridge about 2 years old

All air conditioning works, had one compressor changed and also changed some wearing electric parts in control box’s. Also two inside fans.

All fluids and filters have a little over 4K miles on them

Generator is 2024 hours

New belts, new air filter K&N(But new style that actually filters and doesn’t use oil)

Had Oregon department of transportation inspection for braking and system’s check. Also everything greased last august, full inspection. 

Doesn’t leak or use any oil, catch can for airboxes always dry.

Use delo 100 40wt

Has 3 electric heaters, the propane ones all failed when we tried to use them. Installed one diesel furnace and it is much more than the coach needs. (We camped in snow for a few weeks)

Have tire chains…never used them


Fronts 28 week of 2016 was planning to put them on the tag when we return to the states
Drives 2021 
Tags older then dirt, Yokohama 

Has an incredible Jake brake, (always read of complaints on 8v92 Jake) I drive mountains alot between Cabo and Portland, I have to warn my wife when I actually need to touch brakes I use them so infrequently.

The onboard water filtration is phenomenal, we never purchased water in Mexico and used the filter tap at sink for all drinking water.

Also put in new garbage disposal the 3/4hp from Costco (red one)
New instant hot water tap I think 1/2 gallon 

New big bad boy 12v pump was like 500bucks with pressure gauge set to 60psi (also new accumulator tank)

Anyways the list is endless of things replaced as they breaks or wear from 35 years of service.

Icemaker turns on and freezes but water line is broken internally and I have not pulled to replace.

I am a marine engineer, and can probably answer any and all questions in regards to any and all systems.

This coach is incredibly simple.

475hp DDEC2


I have no idea on age, they don’t leak and hold whatever position you level them too. Also from visual inspection they are without cracks and rot.

Interior had a pretty good refit 12 years ago. I have spare wallpaper, and If I had more time I would probably would re-do some areas.

I am having a team of 4 ladies do a super detailed interior clean on July 3rd and will do a lot of photos after.(added photos and have more)

The coach spent the better half of its life outside in hot sun and the clear coat has been burned. 

For us the clear coat didn’t matter

$37k obo

Would consider part trade for:
Trailer trawler
trailer Tug
Boat ? We already have a 54’ sailboat so don’t need another 
Small Rv or Van type RV, something for small trail roads of Mexico?

I have full coverage insurance for Baja at 40k, I would be happy to drive north with new owner.
Loreto has many direct flights and I would allow buyer to spend a night in the coach if that made things easy. (We live 200’ from beach)

I can be reached on text or WhatsApp preferred(I have two kids) but if you don’t text you can call me+52-613-118-2697 David

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